chuangshi Bizzare Login Device
A hundred years ago, with the strong debut of the first warrior, the world was shaken, and since then we have entered a new era of shining stars. One day, Qin Ming received a lucky prize and a login device, and since then he has come and gone freely in another strange world. Become a Jackie Chan, swallow the clouds and mist Incarnate into a phoenix, and burn the river to boil the sea. Incarnate as a divine ape, and shock the sky. 【Ding! Congratulations on completing the task, playing with the little dragon, get rewards, blessings from the dragon family! 】
Qidian The Rise of Dark Pokemons
With an indifferent expression Aoki said “If the sun can’t reach me, let the darkness wrap me!” With a different perspective lets look at the whole world of Pokemons again.
Kasumi Ritsu Aloof King And Cool (Acting) Queen
Summary: The queen’s essential feature is this: [must be a woman or a feminine-looking man]. ——- “No, no! That’s no good at all!” This is the story of an unfortunate young man who tripped into a different world and had to become the Queen of the largest country in that world. “Being held by a man is no joke!” Thinking it’s impossible for him, he decides to act as someone with a cool personality!
zongheng Strongest Comic System
Qi Yu had just traversed into the Marvel world, and was given the power of level 9999 by the…