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Do you know who did it?” asked Lu Yuan again.

The living room fell silent when he asked that as if the air had become a pool of settled water, forcing everyone’s moments to come to a halt.

Qing Chen was in the kitchen, also holding his breath.

Jiang Xue shifted slightly to a more comfortable position and gently said, “I don’t know who did it. Probably some brave young man trying to seek justice. Why do you ask? Do you need to find the person who did it? ”

Jiang Xue was sure that they were looking for Qing Chen.

But no matter what happened, she couldn’t let others find out about Qing Chen because he did it for her and her daughters’ sake in the first place.

For the first time, she felt safe from someone else when she remembered the shadow of the boy holding the shovel.

Lu Yuan remarked with a smile, “Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great. We’re not a law enforcement agency.

The person next to him remarked, “Yeah, the robber’s account of how that individual attacked him caught us off guard. We were merely checking to see if he was also a transmigrator.

“We aren’t sure yet if he is a transmigrator yet, ” Lu Yuan added, “we are just responsible for following on unusual events that have been happening recently. ”

They transitioned quite seamlessly, almost as if they had rehearsed their words beforehand.

Beside them, Li Tongyun said, “My mom and I haven’t left the house since yesterday, so we don’t know who did it either. ”

In the kitchen, Qing Chen was a little taken aback by this.

Children are incapable of lying… that was the inadvertent thought of the majority of people.

Li Tongyun’s words surely provided a sense of assurance to what her mother had just said.

Qing Chen quickly realized that this tiny child may not be as easy to deal with as he initially expected.

When the girl came to him for aid, she was terrified at first, but he couldn’t deny it.

She’d even kept her transmigrator status a secret from her mother…

This could no longer be just a coincidence.

Jiang Xue and her husband quelled all day, nurtured in this environment were bound to have a special personality.

Just as he was raised in his family, Li Tongyun was also raised differently from other children.

For some reason, Qing Chen felt like he suddenly found someone that he could relate to.

Someone whose true abilities were well hidden underneath a calm exterior.

That was his intuition.

Li Tongyun suddenly asked, “Uncle, did that young man help us by beating that robber? Why are you trying to find him then? Are you trying to arrest him? I bet you are bad guys! ”

“Oh no,” said Lu Yuan’s partner, feeling a little awkward. “Don’t be mistaken, we are here to help. ”

Lu Yuan added, “Please hear us out, we aren’t here to cause any trouble. Since Kun Lun was just founded not too long ago, we are seeking talents who can work well with us. ”

“Ok, I understand,” said Jiang Xue.

“In fac

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