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Chapter 28: Return Once Again

Several robot guards entered Prison 18 and took away the three dead bodies.

The prison was deafeningly quiet; not a single person spoke.

Qing Chen was sitting beside the table, his face paler than usual.

This was the first time he felt true fear. He could feel a strong sense of discomfort radiating from his core to the surface of his skin. Even the breakfast he just ate didn’t seem to be digesting well..

His teachers in school taught him functions and subjects.

His parents at home taught him how to use chopsticks, how to wash clothes, and how to be independent.

But they never taught him how to handle death.

Things like this can only be understood until you’ve seen them for yourself. Only then did you realize how shocking it was to witness a life disappear in front of your eyes.

As for how he saw two suicide killers died from prison, if he told this to his friends in the Outer World, people would think he was making things up.

“First time?” Li Shutong inquired, looking at Qing Chen.

Qing Chen said, “Yeah.”

“Are you afraid?” Li Shutong inquired.

“A little.” Qing Chen nodded.

“Did you know? Everyone has two lives,” Li Shutong continued, “The second starts when one realizes that a person only has one. “

You will begin to appreciate the value of time and realize how much time you have squandered from that point forward.

The more terrified Qing Chen became, the calmer he appeared.

He looked back at his past and envisioned his future.

Li Shutong looked at him and asked, “The three assassins were probably targeting me, so since you picked them out for me, I owe you a favor. You can ask anything from me that you like. Now, what do you want? “

Since they started playing chess, Li Shutong had repeatedly asked what he wanted.

Qing Chen said, “I want a list of names from the Li Family Corporation. “

“Weird,” said Li Shutong, “Why don’t you just ask how to become an Extraordinary? There are few in the world that I owe a favor to, but you are the first that squandered your opportunity. “

Qing Chen thought about it and said, “Such a small thing could not be exchanged for the favor of similar value. As for your path to Extraordinary, it was way too little. “

Li Shutong smiled, “How would you know if you never tried? “

Qing Chen continued, “When you want to, you will give it to me yourself. It needn’t be exchanged. “

Li Shutong’s smile became brighter, “Your cleverness has surpassed my expectations. You have patience. But you’re right. Some things in this world cannot be exchanged, but they can be obtained easily when the time comes. Even though you disappointed me that you never saw death before, now that I realize if you are indifferent toward the lives of people, it would be boring. “

After he said so, he told Lin Xiaoxiao to get a list of names from the Li Family, “Now I’m curious: Why do you need a list of names? “

“You di

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