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Lin Xiaoxiao asked, “If you are able to resist my nightmares, then why did you still choose to come in? After five minutes of staying awake, you would be able to escape the nightmare. ”

“I came in because I thought you had something to say,” said Qing Chen, “What do you want to test me on this time? “

“I won’t be testing you anymore,” Lin Xiaoxiao stated, “but the boss will take you down a path.”

“A path?” asked Qing Chen, “What do you mean? “

”Boss wanted to use nightmares to see your true character and let you experience some suffering, ” said Lin Xiaoxiao,” But since you can resist nightmares so easily, it seems that they won’t be very effective in the future, so the boss will take you on a path himself. “

Qing Chen thought about it.

This nightmare seemed to be different from before. It was like a classroom set up by a teacher.

Lin Xiaoxiao now says, “You do not need to be concerned. I can see Boss still likes you a lot, but whether or not you can become his student is still up to you.”

“Are you jealous of me?” asked Qing Chen.

“Yes, Not everyone can become the boss’s student,” Lin Xiaoxiao conceded, “at least not Ye Wan and me.”

“Why?” Qing Chen seemed perplexed.

“Because none of us could pass the first test,” said Lin Xiaoxiao, “But the boss said that you will have a good chance to survive. “

“Survive?” Qing Chen was dumbfounded for a moment.

Lin Xiaoxiao smiled ominously, “The path of life and death. Every time you enhance your abilities, you will have to go through extreme pain and suffering. “

“Then why choose me? “

“Because the boss saw that you have the courage to achieve your goals regardless of the cost, even if it meant death. “

“If you said it’s so painful, why are you still jealous of me?” asked Qing Chen.

Because that is a route of cultivation, a path with endless possibilities, and that night decided Ye Wan’s and my lives.” “Although that journey is terrible,” Lin Xiaoxiao added, “you must understand that a better life only comes after significant sufferings.”

Qing Chen stopped clinging to that question but moved onto his next one, “How old is Li Shutong? “

“Why do you ask that?” Lin Xiaoxiao felt that this question was very odd.

“No reason in particular, just curious,” said Qing Chen.

He asked this because he knew the time stopped for him when he traveled between the worlds, which also would mean that he would age twice as fast as a normal person.

Actually, aging faster would not be the correct term, as he split his life into the two worlds equally.

By the time others around him were in their forties, he would be in his sixties.

So he wanted to know if being a demigod like Li Shutong could extend his life a little longer.

Lin Xiaoxiao looked at him and said, “Take a guess. The boss’s age is not an easy one to guess. “

Qing Chen thought about it and said, “40? “

“Too small,” said Lin Xiaoxiao.

“60? “

“Nope. “

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