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Countdown: 40: 20: 00.

Qing Chen walked out the metal cell doors like usual. When he stepped into the hallway, the prisoners around him all looked toward him in shock, as if unable to believe how he was able to miraculously disappear for five days and reappear.

However, this time, he didn’t walk across the hallway to cut the line but stayed where he was.

He patiently waited for the female broadcast voice to tell the prisoners to head downstairs for breakfast.

This made all the prisoners believe the rumor that they heard: the boy had pissed Li Shutong off and was sentenced to solitary confinement for five days, as well as torture.

Surely, the teen must have lost his privileges in Prison 18 as a result.

Still, the other prisoners didn’t dare to provoke him just yet, because they couldn’t offend the Qing Family like how Li Shutong could.

During breakfast, Lu Guangyi and Qing Chen sat at a table far away from Li Shutong.

Qing Chen ate very slowly and carefully, making sure that he had thoroughly chewed on the food before swallowing.

He needed to pay extra attention since his stomach was still weak from the days of starvation.

Qing Chen didn’t speak a single word while eating.

There seemed to be a clear line drawn between him and Li Shutong.

As if a few days ago they were still buddies, and now, it was as if they were strangers.

The other prisoners started gossiping about what might have happened.Could it be that Li Shutong and the Qing Family ran into some conflicts?

They even started guessing what might the forbidden item that Li Shutong was protecting be.What can be so valuable to let the teenagers be so anxious to see it?

Right now, only Guo Huchan was still unaffected by Qing Chen’s appearance.

He got his plate of food and sat down next to Qing Chen while smiling as usual. He asked, “What happened between you and Li Shutong? What made him punish you so badly?”

Qing Chen looked at him and said, “Are you afraid that you will anger Li Shutong as well by sitting next to me?”

Guo Huchan didn’t seem to care at all, “We, the Black Spades, aren’t scared of anything, not to mention a tiny Li Shutong.”

“Then what are you here for?” Qing Chen seemed to be uninterested in talking to this muscular man, so he didn’t even bother to look at Guo Huchan while talking.

“I’m different from those other people. Others might be interested in your family background, but I am impressed by your abilities!” Guo Huchan said, “I’m very serious about this. I want to invite you, a true warrior, to join us.”

“Not interested,” said Qing Chen as he stood up, tossing his empty plate toward Lu Guangyi to let him wash it. Then, he walked to the reading area alone.

Just after taking two steps, his leg bent over and almost fell onto the floor. He was luckily able to grab onto the table just in time before he fell.

Qing Chen got back on his feet and continued walking.

Somehow, two prisoner

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