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Qing Chen felt a little awkward about this, “I… I’m not trying to scam you… I’m just curious,” He even felt a little ashamed.

He was just crazy about money…

However, Qing Chen also realized that Li Tongyun was also trying to confirm if he was a transmigrator.

Maybe his questions and curiosity about the Inner World revealed him.

But his firm refusal to not accept money in the Inner World put the little girl’s doubts to rest.

Overall, tonight was fruitful for Qing Chen. At the very least, he validated Li Tongyun’s status as a transmigrator.

He needed as many allies as possible in the Inner World to aid him in the Fight for the Shadow.

Despite the fact Li Tongyun was only ten years old now, she could potentially be of great help in the future.

He needed to make the preparations ahead of time, just like he did before his first night of transmigration.

Seeing that Jiang Xue was still in the kitchen, Li Tongyun quietly said to Qing Chen, “I don’t have much money in the Outer World, so will you settle on another condition??”

“What are your conditions?” asked Qing Chen.

“Can we talk about this later? Just please don’t tell my mom,” Li Tongyun said even softer.

“Fine, I’ll decide later,” said Qing Chen as he looked at Jiang Xue’s back in the kitchen, “I heard that the Inner World was very dangerous, so make sure to look after your mother.”

“Yeah, I will,” said Li Tongyun confidently, “If you end up transmigrating to the Inner World as well, I’ll protect both of you!”

Qing Chen was quite speechless from the pure and simple promise made by this child.

He walked downstairs after saying his goodbyes to Jiang Xue. His apartment was significantly quieter than the room above it.

He didn’t have any friends or relatives to talk to.

When Qing Chen checked his phone for the class group chat, it was still full of meaningless gossip. Maybe Nan Gengchen was the only other person in his class who had transmigrated.

Next, he opened his Weibo and found two new trending searches: A mysterious foreign organization is purchasing Inner World technology products for eye-dropping sums.

Someone even shared a screenshot of a list of items they were looking for, including NECE anti-aging products, EDE-002 genetic injection, and so on.

Among these are a number of cancer-curing drugs that were developed in the Outer World.

All of the items on the list enhance one or more of the following qualities: longevity, health, beauty, or strength.

The group even claimed to have conducted testing to make sure that these medications would have the same effects on Outer World residents.

They even published a detailed article specifying how to transport these technologies while transmigrating: wrapping the tablets in protective layers and placing them in your mouth, swallowing them into your stomach, or inserting them into your rectum.

Qing Chen frowned as he read this because these were clearly stra

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