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I can’t sleep… again.

I have been trying for a few hours, so I think I should just chat with you for a while.

This is the first unrelated chapter for Night’s Nomenclature.

This novel is my first time attempting to write an MC that hasn’t started his own family.

When I said that this novel included my personal experiences in it during the interview last week, I lied, a little. I’m not as good as Qing Chen.

What Qing Chen did in the story was something I wanted to do but never had the courage to do.

So, I often told my readers to not confuse the author with the novel.

The novel is the novel. The author remains the author.

Like me, for example, I’m just hiding behind my computer screen, telling you a story. Nothing more than that.

I wanted to call the cops on my dad, but I didn’t.

I wanted to run away from my house, but I didn’t.

There’s a year that my own dad was even scammed by money…

Until last year, I finally made up my mind.

So, this is my only advice to my fellow readers:stay away from gamblers1.


As for why I chose to write in this genre…

I just think it would be fun.

After a group of people transmigrated, everyone became different. An ordinary child became a princess; a son born with a silver spoon went to the bottom of society. With this flexibility to mold the plot, I feel excited just thinking about what I will write in the future.

I have the tendency to pour out all my feelings into this story. I like Qing Chen, and I like this story.

So, rather than categorizing this story as a Cyberpunk style, I’d say this is a group transmigration style.

Cyber-Punk is just a medium. After all, the core of this story is still about the interactions between people.

Anyone’s will to tell stories has a limit. I even had an urge to leave the industry.

Writing novels day and night brought me more than enough sicknesses, and one day, I will collapse.

When I’m writing, every time I close my eyes, I would think of the plot, and whenever I think of the plot, I want to sit up and fix the chapters. It’s impossible to sleep.

I don’t know how many novels I can still write. Maybe I need to take a break and come back.

Who knows?

All it matters is to cherish the moment we are in right now.

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