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Chapter 34: Visitors From the Kun Lun

“Cities may have cloud towers, but what if you want to leave the cities?” Qing Chen enquired.

“It’s a very troublesome process to travel outside of the cities, special passports are required.” Jiang Xue explained, “Probably in response to the rampant smuggling, tax agencies established a ton of checkpoints. In the Inner World, tax agencies are very powerful, almost as formidable as the five corporations’ private military. ”

“They really have that much power?” Qing Chen was shocked.

“Yeah, not only do they have the power to make arrests, but they also have their own intelligence agencies. Very different from the Outer World.” Jiang Xue said.

“What if you obtain a passport, and get out of the city?” asked Qing Chen.

“I’ve heard rumors of a few cloud towers scattered around the wilderness outside of the cities,” Jiang Xue explained, “The mechanical limbs have different battery storages, just like how phones have 64G, 128G, and 256G. The longer a limb lasts, the more expensive it is. Normally, people would go for the less expensive options because they have no use for the longer-lasting ones.

“Oh, so you can make a choice.” Qing Chen nodded, understanding.

In the Inner World, many young people like to pursue the newest, most fashionable mechanical limbs, much like how teens of the Outer World like to get the latest sneakers and phones.” Jiang Xue explained, “Moreover, people would even decorate their mechanical limbs, adding golden lines and edges, or embed them with rubies and diamonds. ”

Qing Chen exclaimed, “Yeah, I know what you mean, like those fancy skins in games…”

Jiang Xue considered this and said, “I guess you can think of it that way…”

Suddenly, Qing Chen recalled the prisoners in Prison 18.

It seemed that many of them had those expensive decorations on their mechanical limbs, and most of them were gold. That included Lu Guangyi!

Qing Chen asked eagerly, “Are those golden decorations made from real gold? ”

“Yes,” Jiang Xue nodded.

“Then…does gold in the Inner World have the same value as gold in the Outer World?” Qing Chen asked again.

“I think so,” Jiang Xue said, “The five corporations in the Inner World all had gold reserves. ”

Qing Chen had finally figured out how to make money in the Inner World!

He also knew who owned gold and how much of it they possessed.

Other things could be hard to exchange for cash or could be easily exposed, but gold didn’t have such problems.

At the moment, Lu Guangyi still had no idea what would happen to him in a few days.

Qing Chen then asked, “How do people travel around the wilderness when they’re in between the cities? Is it also electric vehicles? ”

“The military would use diesel-powered cars and trucks.” Jiang Xue answered.

The diesel-powered vehicles had the ability of a huge burst of energy and easy maneuver, making them ideal for military use.

Diesel vehicles also d

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