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Countdown: 16: 20: 00.

That night, another group of new prisoners arrived at Prison 18.

As instructed, Lu Guangyi interrogated all of them.

After Qing Chen confirmed that there were no transmigrators among the group, he predicted that all transmigrators would travel at the same time.

No one could appear in between migration periods.

He could now make sure that all of the transmigrators were on the same page.

Li Shutong and Qing Chen were already playing chess at this point.

“The prison seems a lot more quiet than usual since you warned Lu Guangyi not to torture these newcomers,” Li Shutong stated as he glanced at the chessboard, “but have you noticed that the other two groups’ members are slowly turning against Lu Guangyi?”

Normally, the three groups in prison took turns to entertain themselves with the newcomers. An event for everyone to enjoy.

But now that Lu Guangyi was in charge every time, a lot of the prisoners became pissed off.

Qing Chen moved a red chess piece and said, “I noticed, but I think Lu Guangyi can deal with it himself.”

“Have you considered that these newcomers might not be grateful to you?” Li Shutong joked.

“If you encountered a homeless man on the street and gave him some change in your pockets, you know it wouldn’t be enough to save him from poverty, but you bought a sense of calm and pleasure for that person,” Qing Chen remarked after some consideration.

Li Shutong smiled and stayed silent.

“Knight on the Field” was the title of today’s endgame. Qing Chen couldn’t win this time but instead tied.

In truth, the black side had an unfair edge in the endgames, hence tying as the red side may be regarded as a solution to the endgame.

Unlike the usual group watching them playing chess, Guo Huchan also appeared amongst Lu Guangyi’s group of followers.

Yesterday, the man was still sitting far away, but now, he was right next to Qing Chen, diagonally across from Li Shutong.

The two-meter tall titan looked out of place sitting at the table, his muscular frame was far too large for the tiny seat.

But Guo Huchan didn’t care as much, because all he needed was to be beside Li Shutong.

Since he couldn’t beat Li Shutong, then he must approach!

Also, he noticed that Qing Chen got real meat when getting food, and he didn’t have any, so he said to Li Shutong boldly, “I’m at least a well-known figure in Black Spades. You here are eating real meat, and I’m eating synthetic meat. Surely this isn’t how you treat an esteemed guest, is it “

Seeing how shameless he was, Lin Xiaoxiao sneered and said, “What made you think you can be treated the same way as us? How about this, if you can beat the boss in another fight, we will give you real meat. “

Let’s not even talk about fighting. “Fighting is bad,” Guo Huchan muttered as he stroked his bald head, “but why does this youngster get to eat when I don’t?” He is simply a regular guy. Hey, you kid,

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