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Countdown: 24: 00: 00.

Qing Chen, Ye Wan, and Lin Xiaoxiao walked into the unoccupied Prison 18.

It was the first time Qing Chen visited the prison after 9 o’clock, and he was astounded by its size and emptiness.

In the open space, 4 robot guards watched motionlessly. The display on their faces was turned off as if they were sleeping as well.

Qing Chen was sure that he and He Xiaoxiao were both right because Jian Sheng only appeared in Prison 18 after visiting Luo City.

After transmigrating here, every transmigrator’s life would begin anew starting from where he or she transmigrated.

Ye Wan said, “The day that the new group of transmigrators appeared we didn’t take action immediately because we don’t want others to make a connection between you and transmigration. We announced to the outside that you got placed in detention after trying to sneak up on the boss’s ACE-005.”

“Oh, how very thoughtful of you,” Qing Chen understood that Li Shutong already considered all the possibilities when he was being considered to join the organization. It was just whether Qing Chen could pass the test or not.

At that moment, somewhere in the prison came a dry, scratchy voice, “Li Shutong, release my boss…”

Qing Chen was quite surprised, “Did you lock him up for four days?”

“Yeah, or else he would start causing trouble again. If it wasn’t because the boss admired his loyalty, the boss would’ve got rid of him by now,” said Lin Xiaoxiao, “But don’t worry. He got food and water for the past four days.”

“What did he do in the past? Have you researched that?” asked Qing Chen.

“I did,” said Lin Xiaoxiao, “He used to be a retirement home fighter in the Helian Group[mnf]Think of “groups” here as gangs[/mfn].”

Qing Chen’s mouth dropped, “Retirement home… fighter?”

“Right, you don’t know about this,” Lin Xiaoxiao nodded, “The ordinary people of the Inner World didn’t have the habit of taking care of their older generation, so at around sixty years old, your child will send you into a retirement home and use your pension to do whatever they want.”

“Then what’s up with the fighters?? To beat the other elderlies?” Qing Chen was still puzzled.

“No, no that,” Lin Xiaoxiao wanted to laugh, “The group would take protection money from the elderlies and let them select ‘fighters’ depending on how much they pay. Then the ‘fighters’ will pretend to be these old people’s grandchildren, being used to scare away the other elderlies. That way, the old people that paid protection money would not have to worry about their safety inside a retirement home.”

“These warriors even have a well-known ad campaign,” Ye Wan continued, “Helian Group retirement service, guaranteed to be faster and safer than your son. After all, if you die, we won’t get our money; instead, your kid will get it all.”

Qing Chen hesitated, “Does this business actually work?”

“It’s quite popular,” Lin Xiaoxiao nodded and said, “At least enough to

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