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He Xiaoxiao’s identity was still a mystery.

But Qing Chen was most curious about how he was able to do this.

He also wanted to know how to hide his identity like He Xiaoxiao, while still getting all this useful information about the Inner World. But right now, all he could do was ask Lu Guanyi.

Without a thought, Qing Chen opened TikTok and searched up He Xiaoxiao’s profile. He watched his new video.

It was still the same black background with white captions.

The voice of a young man said casually, “Because so many people have asked how to go to the Inner World in the comments, I’ve decided to make a video specifically to discuss the requirements for this game. ”

“People commonly refer to players of the game as transmigrators, but I prefer to call the people who have qualified for the game as time travelers. Because the time in the Outer World stops for you when you enter the Inner World. When you return, time in the Inner World will come to a halt for you. No, it comes to a halt for all the time travelers.

For now, the known time travelers are placed in the following 19 cities: Wu City, Jing City, Nan City, Luo City, Chuan City, Chong City, Sheng City, Kun City, Hai City, Ji City, Zheng City, Hang City, Fu City, Guang City, Lan City, Yan City, Hu City, Jing City, Tai City.1”

“Other than these cities, time travelers can also appear in various places around the country, but this is extremely uncommon. ”

“I personally recommend for those who are interested in getting qualified for the game to travel to one of the above mentioned 19 cities to increase the chances of becoming a time traveler. Although the chance is slim, it is still better than nothing. ”

“From what we know, the third round of transmigration will appear tonight. It’s still unclear when the qualifications will expire, so take advantage of this while you can. ”

“Another thing, this game in the Inner World is extremely dangerous, so I advise all time travelers to form a suitable team to increase their chances of survival. ”

“As always, please comment what you wish to know the most about the Inner World down below, and I will try to respond as well as I can in future videos. ”

“Finally, do not reveal your identity to anyone in the Inner World. Let me say this again, DO NOT REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY TO ANYONE IN THE INNER WORLD! You will find yourself in a dangerous situation! ”

Then, the video ended.

The final warning was written in large, bolded red characters and was especially visible.

Qing Chen guessed that He Xiaoxiao had most likely already met transmigrators… or time travelers who had died as a result of their identity being revealed in the Inner World.

That must be why he made his last message so urgent.

This was almost inevitable because not all time travelers would be as smart as Qing Chen or He Xiaoxiao.

Qing Chen suddenly felt a sense of impending danger, because the problem with the boy, Liu Dezhu, stil

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