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All the prisoners in Prison 18 were silent after this sudden turn of events.

One’s who were exercising previously quietly put down their weights.

Previously, Li Shutong was the only person they had to be concerned about. Despite the fact that they couldn’t irritate him in any manner, the demigod was unconcerned by other people’s affairs.

In this prison, the rules were controlled by him. As long as you followed them and didn’t stick out you wouldn’t die.

But now it was different.

Even an idiot knew that the Qing Family wouldn’t just send a person here for nothing.

Guo Huchan and the Qing Family arrived; a sure sign of the storm to come.

Next to the table sat Guo Huchan, he was eating some real meat this time. He ate so fast that it seemed like he hadn’t received a meal in weeks.

“Don’t just sit there and eat,” Ye Wan said to Guo Huchan as he stood behind Li Shutong.” Is he one of your men? I heard there are still some strange dialects out there in the wastelands.”

“Nope, and he definitely isn’t from the wastelands either,” Guo Huchan said as he rubbed his greasy mouth, “When did you see a person from the wastelands with such a light skin tone?”

Ye Wan frowned, “Good point.”

“All my people were already dug out by my little brother Qing Chen. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine on my own!” Guo Huchan said pleasantly, “Could you bring some real meat to my men as well? ”

“Is it that hard to get meat in the wastelands?” Ye Wan was doubtful.

Guo Huchan said, “How can we have time to raise livestock if the corporations launch an attack every other day? And recently, two more forbidden lands appeared in the wastelands. We don’t have nearly as much living space as you may believe. Of course, if Qing Chen wishes to travel, we’ll make sure you have enough food.”

Another new term… The forbidden lands

Based on the name, it could possibly be related to the forbidden items.

This time, Guo Huchan patted Qing Chen’s shoulder and said, “If little brother Qing Chen wants to come to the wastelands with us, I can guarantee you to have all the food you want to eat! ”

Li Shutong was puzzled, “Why do you want him so badly? Can’t you tell? He’s from the Qing Family. If he competes for the Qing Family’s Shadow, wouldn’t he be much better off? ”

“How would that be the same?” Guo Huchan huffed loudly, “He doesn’t know if he would get a position as the Shadow. Why take the enormous risk of becoming a Shadow when the process is so difficult? If you go to the wastelands, you can get everything you want, and won’t have to work hard at all! ”

Li Shutong laughed, “What do you think you got on the wasteland? Why should he go with you? ”

Qing Chen said calmly beside them, “He’s got a big mouth waiting for me. ”

Guo Huchan: “…”

Qing Chen was calm on the surface, but he knew very well what was about to happen.

Lin Xiaoxiao would soon return, and Qing Chen knew that the hardest test had yet to come

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