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“Are you all right?” Qing Chen asked, his gaze falling on the woman standing in front of his door.

This was, in fact, the first time he saw her up close. Even though Qing Chen was only a high schooler, the two had constantly passed each other in a rush because the woman unconsciously wished to avoid other males because of her husband.

It was probably due to the trauma from the abuse.

Now that the woman’s arm had turned into mechanical limbs, Qing Chen found that the parts on her arm seemed much more delicate than most of the prisoners in Prison 18.

If it weren’t for the long-sleeved shirt covering most of her arm, her arm would have looked even better.

The woman’s appearance, much to Qing Chen’s amazement, lived up to her reputation. Although she had some subtle creases at the corners of her eyes, they just added to her demeanor.

“I must have caused you problems again,” the woman muttered, her face flushed with guilt as she stared at Qing Chen.

“No, it wasn’t a problem.” said Qing Chen, “I was just about to make some fried rice for Li Tongyun. I like her very much.”

The woman nodded and said to Li Tongyun: “Let’s go, Xiao Yun1. Come home with mommy.”

Li Tongyun said pitifully, “I’m still hungry. You broke apart the house already, and there’s nothing there to eat.”

The woman became a little frustrated when she heard this, “Come on, don’t be so obnoxious! We must return home.”

Qing Chen intervened, “I heard from Xiaoyun that you haven’t eaten yet. Why don’t you both come over to my place and we can have dinner together?”

The woman and Li Tongyun both froze. Although Qing Chen had helped them before, he had never shown such enthusiasm.

He had always seemed to be careful not to get into other people’s business.

“So… what should I call you?” Qing Chen explained, “I’m also really interested in transmigration.”

“My name is Jiang Xue,” the woman said.

“Well, I just want to ask Aunt Jiang Xue about the Inner World,” said Qing Chen, “Do you think you could tell me a little?”

To be honest, Jiang Xue was only twelve years older than Qing Chen and it made him feel weird to call her aunt, which gave the impression that she was far older. But since he met Li Tongyun first, Qing Chen decided to go with “Aunt” for the most respect.2

“You may ask me about it whenever you want,” Jiang Xue continued, “but for now, I think it’s best if I go home.”

“Mom, please let us eat at Brother Qing’s house,” Li Tongyun begged.

Jiang Xue looked at Xiaoyun’s pleading expression and sighed, “Fine, then I’m afraid that we must trouble you for a little longer.”

From beginning to end, this woman always looked shy, and Qing Chen could feel a sincere sense of guilt from her.

Did she really survive the Inner World with that character?

Qing Chen suppressed his curiosity as he prepared the fried rice. After he was done and placed the rice on the table, he finally felt that it was appropriate to as

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