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7:20 in the morning; countdown: 20:40:00.

After running three laps around his neighborhood, Qing Chen returned home. He discovered that Jiang Xue was already hanging clothes on the drying rack on the upstairs balcony. Every shirt that she was hanging belonged to him.

Because he was very busy preparing for transmigration recently, he collected a pile of dirty clothes waiting to be washed. He was planning to wash them today, but Jiang Xue took them away.

When Jiang Xue spotted him, she smiled and greeted him by opening the window “I made the porridge, Qing Chen. You should come up and try it for yourself!”

“No, no, I’m good,” said Qing Chen, waving his hand. He then took some compressed biscuits and nibbled on them on his way to school.

He hadn’t seen anyone treat him with kindness for a long time, so he wasn’t very used to it at first.

Stepping into the school gate, Qing Chen saw many people were running toward the high school building. Along the way, he also saw Nan Gengchen running along with a crowd, so he stopped Nan Gengcheng and asked curiously, “What’s all this about?”

“Didn’t you check the class WeChat? Someone in our class next to ours is a transmigrator! The guy is in the classroom right now!” said Nan Gengchen, panting.

“Wait, how did you find out that he was a transmigrator?” asked Qing Chen, puzzled. He was confident that no one else in the next-door class had any mechanical limbs.

“Of course, he was bragging about it,” Nan Gengchen explained. He was able to resist the temptation all day yesterday, But he ended up telling his classmate last night.“

Qing Chen frowned upon hearing this.What’s up with so many transmigrators in Luo City?

There were probably no more than two thousand students and personnel at the school, but there were already four known transmigrators in his school so far. How many people would that be in his country then?

It seems that only ten or so cities in the country had transmigrators. Even so, there would still be a significant amount.

This pattern must be recognized by others as well, right?

By the time that this information was publicized, he could already tell that there would be an influx of people rushing into these cities hoping to be transmigrated as the third or fourth group.

Perhaps not right now, but if the third set of transmigrators showed up, it would confirm his suspicions.

In the future, the dozen or so cities, including Luo City, would grow in popularity.

Qing Chen and Nan Gengchen ran to the classroom, but before they were able to reach the classroom, the teaching department head brought a group of teachers over to bring away that student who claimed to be a transmigrator.

“We are late!” muttered Nan Gengchen.

Qing Chen didn’t care about the business of others, so he dragged Nan Gengchen into their class.

He was guessing that the mysterious organization would arrive shortly. He would soon visit the other world again

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