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In day-to-day life, being extraordinary was a very romantic idea.

It was even more of a fairy tale for adults.

Even if you did not receive admission from Hogwarts when you were a boy, it seems you could still live out your fantasy in this so-called “Inner World”.

However, this horrific news rained down like a bucket of cold water, putting a damper on many people’s enthusiasm.

Only now did people start to realize the cruel gravity of the situation..

The brutality of human nature persisted, even in a different world.

The potential of huge amounts of money to be gained from selling this futuristic money was sure to drive someone insane. Not to mention that even a small piece of this treasure might be worth a fortune. since it was the most trending and rare item on the market right now.

Instead of searching for an extraterrestrial species to discover new technologies, why not just rob the guy next to you who already has them?

The people who were transmigrated were still regular people at the end of the day. Ordinary humans would still be no match when confronted with the true nature of an armed force.

The man who died was violently murdered in his own home. The murderer stabbed him in the chest with a dagger.

It was ironic to think that a mechanical limb was taken because of a dagger, which had no technical value in comparison.

This was no longer a fairy tale, but more like a sarcastic fairy tale set in the real world.

Immediately, the transmigrators who revealed their identity because of the trend started scrambling in fear.

Some who returned with mechanical limbs worried that they would also be attacked.

Those who did not have anything on them were wondering if others would be seeking something else from them.

At that moment, a Japanese media agency published an opinion guessing that one can obtain the qualification to transmigrate by killing an existing one.

What a crazy guess!

Whether or not this theory was true or false, it would still create infinite distrust among people.

Nan Gengchen, who was enthusiastic just a moment ago, had stopped asking Qing Chen where to go to eat.

He heard Nan Gengchen muttering softly, “I finally get a chance to change my life, now, it’s just become a shitshow of horror, typical. “

Nan Gengchen and Qing Chen were two boys on the same boat. Both of their dads were addicted gamblers, putting their families in terrible conditions.

Compared to Qing Chen, Nan Gengchen’s family was relatively better. At least Nan Gengchen still has what can be considered a family, and both of his parents and himself were all living under the same roof. It was just that his family was always out of money.

Qing Chen seemed even more miserable: he had nothing.

When the classmates get together on weekdays, they would purposefully not invite them to join. After all, these two couldn’t even pay for a round of billiards.

Nan Gengchen had a girl he li

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