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How will I survive in this jail full of steel beasts?

Qing Chen knew he couldn’t count on Lu Guangyi, that would easily expose him to his little knowledge of this world.

He couldn’t count on the other boy that got transmigrated from Earth, because he was in a much worse situation than himself.

Therefore, Qing Chen decided to calmly reveal his ability to Li Shutong and try to prove that he was a person of use.

There was no doubt that Li Shutong was the most influential figure in the prison. So his actions carried quite a lot of risk, but it was also his best chance of getting out.

Li Shutong left with his hands behind his back, with Ye Wan and the large cat following tightly behind. Lin Xiaoxiao, however, was nowhere to be seen.

There was still some time before lunch, but the robot window was opened early for Li Shutong.

Ye Wan served Li Shutong and the large cat. The cat lazily picked and chose what it liked to eat.

Suddenly Lin Xiaoxiao appeared again out of nowhere. He kicked off his shoes and squat barefoot on the chair opposite Li Shutong’s table.

The cat glared at him.

“Be more respectful in front of the boss,” said Ye Wan, frowning.

Lin Xiaoxiao rolled his eyes, “Boss hasn’t even said anything yet. You need to stop acting like my mom.”

Li Shutong smiled and said, “Seems like you got big news for me.”

“Yes,” said Lin Xiaoxiao excitedly, “I may have discovered something big. Did you know that on the surface, Qing Chen appears to be the cleanest criminal I’ve researched yet? I can’t find anything about him, which is why I’m excited.”

“Too clean?” asked Li Shutong.

“Yes, way too clean. The documents show that he is a high school student in City 18. His parents both died in a car accident, and he received their inheritance. He has no criminal record, no background information, and no relatives,” reported Lin Xiaoxiao.

“What is he charged with?” asked Li Shutong.

“Theft. His documents show that he stole an LCD phone, which was just enough for sentencing,” replied Lin Xiaoxiao, “This prison, Prison 18 is meant for prisoners that have repeatedly committed serious crimes or been arrested by the tax authorities. As a thief, he doesn’t belong here in the first place.”

In such a short time, Lin Xiaoxiao collected all this information about Qing Chen. To an ordinary person, this probably seemed like an unbelievable feat.

Lin Xiaoxiao continued, “More importantly, I asked some friends outside and found that his case was somewhat controversial. He claimed to have bought the phone through appropriate means and paid in full. It was just that somehow there was no transaction record and the security systems were also broken, so nothing could prove his innocence. As long as the cashier or video footage can prove that he was right, he can get out immediately. A typical method to get in the prison to do ‘business.”

Li Shutong thought for a moment and asked, “How long is his sentenc

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