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Compared to his time in Prison 18, Qing Chen felt that tonight’s experience was far more like a true crisis.

He had no idea who the gang was, nor did he know what their intentions were.

The opposing party grew suspicious enough to employ such advanced talents to track him down simply because he took an extra glance. That experience wasn’t very pleasant.

He felt as if he was thrown out of his sheltered environment and was forced to face the real world’s beasts for the first time…

Or perhaps he was seeing the true face of this world for the first time.

Outside, it was pitch black. Qing Chen strolled through the small park, hiding behind the large sycamore trees on the side of the road.

The adrenaline-stimulated stress and his beating heart didn’t calm down until he had walked for a long while.

When he returned to his home on Xingshu Road, Qing Chen sat in the shadows for a half hour. After making sure there was no one tailing him, he finally went inside.

Qing Chen’s shirt was soaked in sweat, despite the cool and refreshing Autumn breeze.

As he entered his room, Qing Chen pulled out his phone and searched for He Xiaoxiao to see if the uploader gave any new tips to the Inner World.

To his surprise, He Xiaoxiao, who originally said that he would do another overview of the “Inner World”, had disappeared.

His comment section was exploding with fans wondering why he hasn’t uploaded yet, but there was no response from He Xiaoxiao himself.

Could it be that even this uploader was away by the mysterious organization? How many organizations exist in this country?

Qing Chen could only guess.

Suddenly, police sirens screamed to life outside his house, and a police car entered his neighborhood.

Qing Chen frowned and followed its path from his window. The police car stopped at the door of his apartment unit, and he could hear a woman’s cries and a man’s screams on the second floor.

By now, almost all his neighbors came out to see what happened, and Qing Chen hid inside the crowd.

“What happened?” asked an elderly man.

“Don’t know you? The man who lives here often abuses his wife.,” said an aunt while holding the baby in her hands, “The last time this happened, his wife had to be hospitalized for a few days due to the injury, and the man still didn’t change his habits? Then, the woman requested a divorce but was beaten again…sigh…The man even said that he would kill everyone in the family if she asks for it again.”

“So, today…?” someone wondered, “Is it that the man beat up his wife again, right? But how come all I hear is the man’s screams?”

“You got that part right,” said the aunt, “I wanted to go up and stop the fight, but it turned out that this time the woman beat the man up.”

“How on earth did that happen?” Someone exclaimed, shocked.

“Ha, the man got drunk again and was about to beat his wife, but guess what? Did you hear about transmigrations? The woman got transmigr

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