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The prisoners cautiously got up after the hail of bullets. More than a dozen robot guards entered the prison and started instructing the prisoners to recover everything that was knocked over.

In the cafeteria, Guo Huchan sat like an old monk, cross-legged on the floor.

Lin Xiaoxiao looked at the black rubber bullets scattered all over the floor and said, “When gods fight, mortals suffer. It is a shame that the other prisoners did nothing and yet were beaten up like this, while you two fighting got away with barely a scratch. Hey, Guo Huchan, didn’t they claim you were a very charitable person? So, how can you explain the sorrow you’ve inflicted today?”

Guo Huchan said without even opening his eyes, “You are talking about innocence, in Prison 18? No one here can be considered innocent. “

Lin Xiaoxiao criticized, “Hypocrite.”

“Also, keep in mind that I’m not a monk, so don’t use the word generous to describe me,” Guo Huchan added as he finally opened his eyes.

He then went back to his recovery procedure and closed his eyes.

Just then after the battle, he appeared not to be hurt at all, but in reality, all his organs felt like they had been burned in a fire, an extremely unpleasant feeling.

As Lin Xiaoxiao saw that he wouldn’t be acknowledging others anymore, he turned his gaze to Ye Wan. Suddenly, they were both engulfed by a translucent force bubble.

When the rubber bullets started raining down, Qing Chen had noticed this surrounding Ye Wan.

Seeing Qing Chen’s confusion, Lin Xiaoxiao explained, “Feel free to speak as loud as you want in here, the sound will be contained inside. “

Li Shutong grabbed the large cat on the table into his lab and said to Qing Chen, “This morning, I saw that Lu Guangyi was interrogating the newcomers while doing their newcomer ceremony. You told him to do so, right? “

“Yes,” Qing Chen said, knowing that Li Shutong was well aware of his ties to the Qing Family and that Lu Guangyi was his man.

“Why interrogate them? asked Li Shutong.

“I want to see who else is after the forbidden items.” Qing Chen lied. He needed a reasonable excuse to cover up his true intentions.

Li Shutong nodded, “I like your honesty, but I also saw that Lu Guangyi didn’t beat up the newcomers like last time, did you ask him to do that as well?” “

“Yes,” said Qing Chen.

“But I remember that when you first came here, you didn’t want to help others,” said Li Shutong.

“I’m just doing what I can,” replied Qing Chen.

Li Shutong smiled and didn’t comment on that.

If it was to protect himself, he would be willing to watch these people die and not step in to help.

His upbringing had been rough, so he learned to be selfish very early on.

This was what life had taught him, not a choice of his own.

Lin Xiaoxiao suddenly faced Guo Huchan at this point…

Qing Chen turned his head and saw that Guo Huchan was still sitting on the ground with his eyes closed, but his two

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