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To worship a God right before a time of emergency was almost like seeking a random doctor after being infected by a disease.

However, Qing Chen felt that the supernatural phenomenon on his arm should be taken care of by supernatural beings.

At the very least, paying respects to a God at this time would at least not do him any harm to Qing Chen.

He liked to do everything possible ahead of time, leaving no chance for him to regret things he hadn’t done in the past.

The time was 9:30 in the evening.

Sitting on the bed, Qing Chen glanced down at his phone. There wasn’t much light in the bedroom, and the only Wechat1messages he got were a few irrelevant texts from his deskmate, Nan Gengchen. Other than that, there wasn’t anything else.

Staring at his mother Zhang Wanfang’s WeChat icon with no notifications from it, Qing Chen was a little disappointed.

Of course, it only lasted for a moment.

He didn’t know what he was expecting.

In fact, he couldn’t even blame his mother.

His dad sold many properties that his family used to own so that he could get more money to gamble. He beat her and cheated on her. In Qing Chen’s eyes, there was nothing wrong with his mother leaving the family.

He saw with his own eyes how his father used to hit his mother. He was happy for his mother when they divorced.

Because it was the right decision.

The night before his parents’ divorce, his grandmother even tried persuading his mother not to. She said how his mother was already having a teenager to take care of, who else would be willing to marry her?

After hearing all of this, Qing Chen chose to live with his father.

He remembered his parents’ look of astonishment on their faces, Qing Chen knew that this was also the right choice.

Now that his mother has started a new life and formed a happy family, Qing Chen might be a little jealous, but he would do his best not to disturb their life.

Countdown 2:31:12.

Qing Chen suddenly thought of a problem.What if this is the last two hours and a half of my life? What should I do?

This question was serious and romantic at the same time.

Became he was asking himself what was the one thing he wanted to do the most in his life that he had not yet dared to do?

The love that he had not confessed? The people that he had not met? The place that he had not been to? The word that he had not said? It could be anything.

This question touched his heart.

Qing Chen got up and put on his coat. With not much time left on the clock, he chose to leave his house once again.

He pushed his broken bicycle out of his house and biked to the destination he had in mind.

It was a late autumn night, and the weather was getting a little chilly. There weren’t many people on the road this late in the night.

Riding the bike, Qing Chen looked calm. His coat was being blown backward by the wind on the bridge.

He did have a lot of regrets in his life and many thi

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