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At first, Qing Chen was still planning to make a conversation. He hadn’t expected Nan Gangchen’s mood to take a full 180-degree turn.

Just then he was scared out of his mind, and now he was already planning to be the protagonist of the new world?

What else could Qing Chen say?I guess… as long as you are happy…

Nan Gengchen started to discuss with Qing Chen in a serious manner, “What if, and I’m just speculating here, I’m lucky enough to transmigrate there and bring back some high-tech goods? Do you believe they’ll sell for a lot of money?”

“I don’t know,” said Qing Chen, “You might not even be able to bring much back.”

“What?! Look, they even have brought back robotic arms or something,” he remarked.”Don’t worry, when I grow rich, I’ll treat you to a fancy lunch,”

Qing Chen was well aware of the dangers of the other world. He wanted to keep it a secret but as Nan Gangchen was his friend, he also wanted him to return safely, so he said, “You see, there could be dangers for the transmigrators. I believe it is ideal if you exercise caution.”

Nan Gengchen was silent for a few seconds and then asked, “Where do you want to eat when the time comes?”

Qing Chen: “…”

Nan Gengchen was already daydreaming about his life of luxury, oblivious to the fact that one could not just bring things back from the other world.

Just thinking about it was enough to make Qing Chen want to chuckle:Gengchen enters a restaurant and removes a mechanical arm, slamming it on the table while ordering two bowls of noodle. That would be an interesting scene to witness…

Suddenly, someone in the class wondered out loud, “What decides if someone gets to go to the other world or not? So many have already transmigrated, but why haven’t I seen anything here yet?”

Nan Gengchen whispered in reply, “Maybe only true talents and geniuses can…”

Qing Chen raised his eyebrows as he listened.

More and more news about transmigrators started piling up, both locally and globally.

Slowly, Qing Chen concluded two things:

The first: all transmigrators saw a 6-hour countdown before they left and a 48-hour return countdown while there.

To put it another way, everyone was transmigrated at the same moment and returned at the same time.

Additionally, around midnight, someone claimed that he hadn’t transmigrated but had seen a 48-hour countdown on his arm.

This should be the second group.

Next time, the first group and the second group would be transmigrated together.

The second pattern he noticed was that everyone who was transmigrated fit into the category of younger people aged between 10 and 35 years old.

Suddenly, a girl said, “Hey, someone is live-streaming her mechanical arm on a broadcast. Take a look. I’ll send the link to the class group chat.”

These days, everyone has a phone, and everyone in their class was in a chat together.

The classmates all clicked into it and found that the person was in fact s

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