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Qing Cheng had thought about it before, whether there was anyone else who also got a countdown on their arms.

Because of this speculation, he would take the subway across a long distance to verify his guesses, in case others would find his traces.

However, after a series of changes that occurred later, Qing Chen almost forgot about this speculation of his.

Now, it looked like he was right.

There had to be more than one person that was transmigrated into this world. In this prison alone there were two, not to mention the world outside of this prison.

How many transmigrators are there? Hundreds? Thousands?

What caused them to be here all of a sudden?

Qing Chen could only guess.

“This novice inmate is quite interesting. He must be an idiot.” Someone looked at the collapsed teenager and laughed, “I heard that he got arrested for tax evasion and was sentenced to 7 years? He didn’t cry when he just got in yesterday, but he is now.”

“I don’t know anyone who’s stupid enough to provoke these tax collection agencies…”

Qing Chen looked at where the voice came from. It was a young man with two mechanical legs. When he saw Qing Chen looking at him, he smiled and said, “Hey, you think you are ready?”

Instantly, the people around them burst into laughter. They all seemed to be waiting for a good show.

This was a place of an advanced civilization, but the people here were just as evil as anywhere else.

Qing Chen frowned and ignored the laughter. He looked toward the teenager slumped in the corner.

He was probably the only person here that knew why the boy didn’t cry yesterday but started crying today. Just like Qing Chen, he was most likely transmigrated to this prison from Earth.

In fact, he wasn’t just guessing this time, he knew the boy in person.

Qing Chen was seventeen years old, a second-year student at the Luo City Foreign Language School.

And this boy was a first-year student in his school.

The two of them never talked to each other, but with his photographic memory, Qing Chen was certain that he met the boy before with his photographic memory.

This made Qing Chen a little surprised. He wondered, could it be that the place they were transmigrated into was relative to their locations on earth?

He couldn’t be so sure.

In the meantime, Qing Chen noticed another thing: everyone here was speaking proper Mandarin, no one was speaking any dialects.

At this very moment, the robot guards were rushing up the stairs at top speed. Every step they took spanned about five steps of stairs.

The boy was wailing loudly the entire time.

Half of the people in this prison were armed with mechanical limbs. Encountering a fellow earthling in this strange place was something to be relieved about, it was the same feeling of familiarity one would get when meeting someone from one’s hometown in a foreign land.

Most people would feel a sense of security after meeting someone that s

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