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The prison fell silent. Everyone could guess that with Li Shutong and Luo Huchan together, hell could easily break loose, so the prisoners were excited to see what could potentially go down.

Seeing everyone’s anticipating glance, Luo Huchan faces Li Shutong and begins walking towards him.

With a loud and clear voice, he says, “I’ll get straight to the point: I’ve come here for the Forbidden Item ACE-005. Tell me where it is right now, and I will leave without causing trouble.”

Li Shutong patted on the large cat to tell it to move away, then smiled and said, “At the very least, shouldn’t you show some respect to an elder?”

Guo Huchan appeared to not hear him, “Give me the Forbidden Item ACE-005, and naturally, I will be respectful. “

Li Shutong was curious, “How come the Black Spades are interested in Forbidden Items now? I almost thought that you joined the Taboo Tribunal. “

Guo Huchan stopped when he was about five meters away from Li Shutong, “We, the Black Spades, want to fight against those giants, so it would only make sense if we get all the resources we can. You Knights share the same path as us, so you must know this the best. “

Li Shutong laughed, “But when come for this one specifically? It’s locked in Prison 18 for a reason. “

“They said the Chen Family made a deal with you that as long as you could control this forbidden item, you can get absolute freedom inside Prison 18, and anything that requires your personal attention must be something worth obtaining,” said Guo Huchan.

“Well, that must be a false rumor. I never made any deals with the Chen Family,” said Li Shutong slowly, “Don’t be fooled by the words of others. “

Qing Chen stayed by the side and listened patiently. The last time he heard the phrase Taboo Tribunal was in He Xiaoxiao’s video.

This Taboo Tribunal seemed to be designed for forbidden items.

He also realized that the forbidden item that Guo Huchan said must also be the one that he supposed was supposed to find for the Shadow competition.

As Qing Chen was thinking, Guo Huchan took a step forward, “Where is ACE-005? “

Li Shutong shook his head, “Although I know where it is, I cannot tell.”

“Why?” Guo Huchan took another threatening step forward, and the black lines on his skin started shifting, forming various patterns.

Each step he took shook the floor, and all the prisoners surrounding them could feel the ground shake.

Li Shutong smiled, “Because I like ACE-005, no other reason. “

The three thousand or so prisoners started moving. They have been trapped for too long in Prison 18, and with all the guards controlling them all day, the rules in the prison were like an invisible chain. Now,… they felt the time was ripe to cause some trouble.

Attached to the ceiling, out of the 72 machine guns forming the Metal Storm, 36 of them started warming up.

Some prisoners started yelling. Usually, during times of chaos, it would take at least half an

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