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The middle-aged woman quickly walked up to the Fulai Supermarket’s entrance and looked at the old man, “Mr. Zhang, why is Qing Chen playing chess with you again?”

From the tone of her words, the two of them knew each other.

The old man responded in a tone that wasn’t nearly as polite, “He is your son, why are you asking me? He ran out of money, so he’s playing chess just to earn a little to feed himself.”

The middle-aged woman, Zhang Wanfang, was stunned to hear this, “But I wire his father his living expenses every month.”

This response also came as a surprise to the old man, “Then I don’t know what’s going on anymore.”

The old man thought to himself,Zhang Wanfang isn’t poor at all, and from what he can tell, she must have given Qing Chen plenty of money every month. How come there always seems to be a shortage of money?

Qing Chen doesn’t look like a spoiled kid that will spend his money on useless things. Every day he calculates his expenses carefully, and he never even goes out to buy himself drinks.

“But isn’t he supposed to be still in school until the evening?” Zhang Wanfang asked.

Suddenly remembering what Qing Chen said, the old man replies, “I think he said that he’s waiting for someone.”

“No, I must check upon him,” said Zhang Wanfang

She was about to walk away with the cake still in her hand, but the man beside her interjected, “Wanfang, today is Haohao’s birthday. I’ve already reserved seats for dinner, and after that, we still have to take him to the movies!”

Zhang Wanfang looked back at the man, “Qing Chen is probably skipping classes again. I have to at least go see what’s happening.”

“He’s already seventeen, he should be able to take care of himself. Besides, his own father is still there,” The man paused and said slowly, “Fine, how about you go see him this weekend, and today, we will just spend our time with Haohao?”

Zhang Wanfang frowned, but after a few seconds she sighed and said, “Okay, today is for Haohao’s birthday.”

In the City Hall West employee’s residential area, Qing Chen quietly walked upon the lonely pathway that was completely covered under a tree canopy.

Unlike the skyscrapers of modern cities, this residential area was packed with four-story buildings hastily built in the 1970s. There were no elevators and no gas, and the sewers were clogged from time to time.

High-power electrical appliances were not allowed in the houses, because the electrical circuit would trip easily.

Qing Chen walked through the dim doorway, ignoring the lock-opening and house-selling posters covering the walls. He took out a key and opened a door on the first floor.

The apartment is only 76-square-meters1, and the rooms were poorly lit since it was on the first floor.

He took out his phone and opened contacts, then clicked on a number…

“Hey, Dad…”

Before he could say anything else, the person already interrupted him, “Go to your mom for living expen

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