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antrepoo > Divine Emperor of Death > Chapter 1612 - Deep Slumber
Davis, Nadia, and Fiora moved towards Tina Roxley's room that has been assigned to her. Natalya had been more or less taking care of her because she had more or less felt her heart-wrenching pain enough to spurred into a suicidal action at that time.

Although she later understood that it was ridiculous of her to hastily end her own life, she wholeheartedly acknowledged Tina Roxley's love for Davis. Fiora also helped her take care of her too, although it wasn't much.

Davis pushed open the door and saw the lonely bed inside the empty room. On top of it was a white-haired woman who slept expressionlessly as she breathed once in a dozen seconds. She wore a purple robe, patterned with a few cauldron symbols that denoted that she could be an alchemist, and in truth, she is indeed an alchemist.


Davis's heart shook as he saw Tina Roxley's current appearance. He felt mortified that he stopped for a moment before he abruptly rushed towards her side. The memories of his original fate appeared in his mind, the years he spent together with her, knowing her. However, both were not the same as Davis and Tina Roxley in their original fate as they experienced different lives and tribulations.

Nevertheless, the little time he spent with her in this life, looking at her try so hard to make him look at her way, was precious enough to change his mind towards her.


'I no longer feel any kind of interference in my thoughts or emotions.'

'If I'm not wrong, when Fallen Heaven reached the eighth stage along with me, its powers inevitable made me recall bits and parts of my original fate, and when it made a breakthrough to the ninth stage while I was in a vegetative state, it unconsciously allowed me to view my entire original fate to the current time.'

'Now I understand. The life that I experienced with her in the original fate was interfering with my thoughts. It wasn't someone else's doing.'

Davis sat beside her as he reached out his hand towards her head, brushing her white hair. She looked so beautiful to him now, probably because he retained those memories, although it didn't actively influence him as it did before.

"What happened to her, Fiora? Tell me all you know..."

Davis wanted to know everything while Fiora explained how Tina Roxley fell unconscious and that she had been inflicted with Aching Desolate Soul Ailment as described by Apothecary Nazca Alstreim.

Davis nodded as he finished hearing that she lost the will to live upon seeing his death. He didn't show much expression, but his face remained gentle as he still caressed her white hair.

"Dumb Tina, you still came to view me as your pillar in this life while we walked different paths? The heavens must really detest its story being brushed off for it to send you to me. Haha..."

Davis couldn't help but laugh at the heavens. He mused that it was probably trying to patch up everything Fallen Heaven changed.

"Huh? She heard your v

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