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Chapter 91: Her Foolishness Would Be The Death Of Him

Mu Siyin felt anxious once again after listening to what Ji Yang said. Her fever had gone down too fast!

Yangyang would now leave in the afternoon.

Just as she was troubled by her worries, the door was abruptly pushed open, and a man dressed in a suit and leather shoes walked into the ward coldly.

This caught Mu Siyin and Ji Yang by surprise.

Mu Siyin widened her eyes as she looked at Shi Beiyu’s dramatic entrance and his unpleasant expression. She was dumbfounded at why he was here.

Ji Yang looked extremely surprised too. Where did such a handsome man come from?

Shi Beiyu’s face darkened when he saw Mu Siyin lying on the bed with a drip.

What an idiot!

Did she put a false pretense into reality?

Her foolishness would be the death of him.

“Uhm… You… What are you doing here?” Seeing Shi Beiyu stride over with a long face, Mu Siyin shrank in her seat.

She could see how mad he was, so mad that he would explode soon.

Only then did Ji Yang come back to her senses. So this was Young Master Shi! So this was the ruthless, blood-thirsty misogynist that everyone in the capital was talking about!

Oh my god!

He was f*ckng hot!

He looked nothing like a twenty-eight-year-old pickle!

With coldness plastered on Shi Beiyu’s face, he walked towards Mu Siyin and looked at her. Then, he said in his deep voice, “What is the meaning of this?”

Mu Siyin let out a dry laugh and whispered, “It’s… it’s…”

Ji Yang was, at first, smitten by Shi Beiyu. However, when she saw him yelling at Mu Siyin, she stood up from her seat with a frown. “You tell me! Yinyin has been down with a fever since last night. It’s bad enough that you weren’t attentive to her, but to yell at her when she’s sick?”

Ji Yang yelled back at him. His status and power were nothing to her.

Shi Beiyu’s facial expression darkened more when he heard what Ji Yang said.

“You’ve had a fever since last night?!”

“Yeah! Her fever only went away a little after the drip.”

Mu Siyin said a silent prayer again. She hoped that Shi Beiyu would not get angrier than this.

However, anger could no longer describe Shi Beiyu’s current state.

He was definitely raving!

Shi Beiyu had given Mu Siyin a call last night before bed, but her phone was off. Assuming that she had fallen asleep, Shi Beiyu did not place too much thought into the matter.

Yet, when her phone was still off this morning, a bad feeling almost immediately crept up his heart.

He immediately ordered a man-hunt for Mu Siyin, and it turned out that she was in the hospital.

This made him a little suspicious. Did Mu Siyin really fall sick to make her friend stay?

When he came to think of it, Mu Siyin had been afraid of injections ever since she was a child, so she would not do something like that, right?

However, he was proven wrong the moment he pushed open the door to the ward. He really

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