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Chapter 99: Little Beibei, The She-Devil Is Here

Shi Beiyu’s large hands tightened slightly, and he said calmly, “Just let it be. Don’t pressure yourself too much to remember what happened when you were young.”

Mu Siyin smiled and nodded her head. “Okay. This tastes really good. Do you want to try?”

Shi Beiyu’s lips lifted upwards a little as he sat next to Mu Siyin with a pose, indicating for her to feed him.

Utterly speechless, Mu Siyin lifted the spoon and placed it next to his lips. She chuckled as she said, “How old are you? Can’t you eat on your own?”

Shi Beiyu initially wanted to try it but fell in love with the taste after a spoonful of it. As such, he did not stop Mu Siyin when she fed him another spoon and slurped it all up.

Mu Siyin smirked before she said softly, “You’re just like a child.”

Shi Beiyu raised his eyebrow. “Didn’t you take me as an old geezer?”

Mu Siyin burst into laughter and leaned towards him mischievously. “Uncle is just a term that girlfriends give their boyfriends, you dumbo!”

Suddenly, the look in Shi Beiyu’s eyes changed.

He could no longer hide the passion in his eyes as he stared at Mu Siyin.

Mu Siyin’s hair stood on end at Shi Beiyu’s gaze. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Shi Beiyu replied by taking the porcelain bowl out of her hands and placing it in a corner.

Mu Siyin groaned. “But I haven’t even had any yet!”

Shi Beiyu then furiously pressed her down against the bed while his beautiful amber-colored eyes stared deeply into hers.

Mu Siyin blushed as she felt the adrenaline rush in her. However, she raised her hands to push his firm chest away and gave a gentle warning. “I’m still sick. Don’t get any fancy ideas!”

Shi Beiyu leaned closer to her, and his rough voice echoed, “So you were flirting with me when you called me uncle the last time?”

Mu Siyin’s face became red as a tomato. “I did not!”

Not interested in her explanation, Shi Beiyu lowered his head and kissed her lips dominantly.

Mu Siyin’s heart raced. The feeling of Shi Beiyu’s warm body against hers had made her blood rush with passion.

Shi Beiyu’s kiss was rather dominant. Just as Mu Siyin wondered if she would be the first person to ever die from being kissed too much, Shi Beiyu let go of her and quickly hopped off the bed. His hoarse voice was soft when he said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Then, he headed towards the bathroom.

Mu Siyin was caught off guard. Was he going to take a cold shower?

Seeing how he rushed to the bathroom, he definitely wanted to take a shower to cool himself down.

That night, Shi Beiyu was very disciplined as he hugged Mu Siyin to sleep.

Mu Siyin laid in his arms, happy and content.

Why did she not realize he was such a perfect man in her past life?

The next morning, Mu Siyin was still sound asleep in his arms when she suddenly heard someone banging violently against the door. Following that was Uncle Z

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