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Chapter 101: Some Things Were Best Left Unsaid

Mother Shi’s hopes were instantly shattered by Shi Beiyu’s words, and she let out an awkward laugh in return. She could only say, “Okay. Got it.”

Not only could she not meet his girlfriend, but he even told her off. As such, Mother Shi could only leave in disappointment.

Once Mother Shi finally left, Uncle Zhong let out a deep breath of relief. He looked at Shi Beiyu funnily and said, “You know, Little Beibei, I was just reading a book in the courtyard this morning when the air suddenly felt ominous. As soon as I looked up, I saw the She-Devil.”

Shi Beiyu was speechless.

“So, I immediately threw my book down and rushed upstairs to inform you about it. The She-Devil would definitely have eaten you alive if she found out that the girl in your arms was little Siyin!”

Shi Beiyu narrowed his eyes and raised his hand to pat Uncle Zhong’s shoulder. “Thank you.”

After that, he turned around and headed upstairs.

Uncle Zhong was displeased. “Hey? I’m not done yet!”

Wild thoughts started to run through Mu Siyin’s mind as soon as Shi Beiyu left the room.

Was Shi Beiyu hiding her from his mother?


In fact, she had never met his mother in her past life even though she had lived with him for two years. However, it was only natural for her to meet his family if they were going to be together forever.

Mu Siyin admitted that she was conflicted…

At that moment, the door was forcefully pushed open.

A chill ran down her spine, and she peeked at the door.

Upon seeing that it was Shi Beiyu, she immediately flipped her body around in frustration.

Shi Beiyu noticed her fit of anger and walked towards her helplessly. As he sat next to the bed, he lightly patted her shoulder and said adoringly, “It’s time to get up, Yinyin.”

Mu Siyin let out a faint grunt. “I thought you didn’t want your mother to see me? Why should I get up then?”

Shi Beiyu was put in a tough spot. Some things were, after all, best left unsaid.

Hence, he could only continue to hide it from her.

“It’s not that I didn’t want to. Didn’t you hear the nickname Uncle Zhong gave her? She’s very fierce, so I was afraid that she’d be mean to you.”

Mu Siyin paused before she turned her head around and looked at Shi Beiyu suspiciously.

Shi Beiyu nodded his head with concern. “Really.”

Mu Siyin immediately sprang up and asked warily, “But she wasn’t even mean to me. Besides, I’m not a kid anymore. Why would I be afraid of being yelled at?”

Shi Beiyu blinked his eyes before saying, “I get that you’re not afraid of being yelled at, but I don’t want to see her being mean to you. Be good. I’ll introduce you to her another time, okay?”

Mu Siyin could only brush away her doubts and nodded. “Okay.”

“You can rest here after breakfast. I need to head to the company to attend a meeting, but I’ll be back for lunch.”

After hearing this, Mu Siyin instantly replied, “

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