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Chapter 86: What A Bighead

Mu Siyin sneezed at the right time, and this instantly caught Ji Yang’s attention. “Are you okay, Yinyin? Do you have a cold?”

Mu Siyin raised her hand to rub her nose before she chuckled and said, “No, no. Wait for me, okay? I’m leaving now.”

“Oh, okay.”

After ending the call, Mu Siyin took her handbag and headed downstairs.

Downstairs, Mu Heyuan, Old Madam Mu, and Li Tongzhi were all back. Mu Xingyu was present as well.

Seeing that Mu Siyin was about to leave, Mu Xingyu immediately opened her mouth to mock her. “Are you going on a date again? You are really hard-working, Mu Siyin.”

Could not be bothered with her, Mu Siyin snorted softly. “Why don’t you look after yourself first?”

Then, she cast the others the cold shoulder and headed directly to the door. This pissed Mu Xingyu very much.

Li Tongzhi frowned in dissatisfaction. “Look at that Mu Siyin! She’s getting more and more disrespectful now. She has no regard for us, especially after she thinks she has saved the company. How unruly!”

Li Tongzhi purposely said it in front of Mu Heyuan and Old Madam Mu. That way, they would do something about Mu Siyin to stop her from being so uncontrollable.

Old Madam Mu was well aware of Li Tongzhi’s intentions. Hence, she said with her voice lowered, “No matter how you put it, Mu Corporation would have been finished if it were not for her. Just go with it for a while. It won’t hurt you.”

Li Tongzhi and Mu Xingyu widened their eyes when they heard this.

It would not hurt them?

Did she not see what a bighead Mu Siyin was?

Mu Xingyu was so pissed that she wanted to kill herself. However, the Old Madam was like the Empress Dowager of the family. Her word was everything, and the mother-daughter did not dare to rebut.

On the other hand, how did Mu Siyin’s character change so much so quickly? She even had the guts to disrespect Empress Dowager.

Was it because she had a capable man behind her back?

Mu Xingyu finally admitted that she was envious of Mu Siyin.

Mu Siyin immediately hailed a cab when she left the house. It took twenty minutes for her to arrive at the place she and Ji Yang had agreed on.

However, she could not remember how many times she had sneezed on the way there. Although it was late summer, she was shivering uncontrollably and even got the driver to turn off the air conditioning. She did feel slightly better after that, but the taxi driver was drenched in sweat instead.

While she was getting down, the taxi driver gave her a kind reminder. “Your flu seems quite serious, young lady. You should go and see the doctor as soon as possible.”

His kindness warmed Mu Siyin’s heart, and she nodded with a smile. “Thank you, uncle. I’ll go after I meet my friend.”

Ji Yang had been waiting for quite a while, and it was getting on her nerves. Just as she was about to give Mu Siyin a phone call, the door pushed open.

“I’m sorry, Yangyang.

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