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Chapter 62: Look At All This Evidence! Just Admit It!

Upon saying so, Gu Yiling pointed her phone at Mu Siyin.

Mu Siyin instinctively squinted at the phone and instantly froze.

It was a picture of her and Shi Beiyu in a tight embrace.

It was taken yesterday when Shi Beiyu went to pick her up.

Gu Yiling was there too!

Lucky for her, Gu Yiling only managed to take Shi Beiyu’s back and the side of his face.

Seeing how stunned Mu Siyin was, Madam Gu roared, “Mu Siyin! How shameless are you? Why do you have to defame Yifan that way if you’re the one who cheated on him? You psycho!”

Mu Xingyu glared at her and yelled, “Mu Siyin! Look at all this evidence! Just admit it!”

Mu Xingyu exploded with anger when she thought about how Mu Siyin had torn off her clothes in front of the reporters.

Ever since then, she had been trying to get a hold of Mu Siyin’s weaknesses but to no avail. Who knew that Gu Yiling would be the one to save the day? She even took a picture as evidence!

Mu Xingyu was dying to see what Mu Siyin would do now.

Mu Siyin looked at their hideous faces as she crossed her arms and laughed. “What’s the big deal? I just got a new boyfriend yesterday. It’s not like we’re doing anything inappropriate.”

“Miss Gu has great photography skills, though. The angles and the lighting in these two pictures are amazing. Can you send them to me later? It can be our new profile pictures!”

Madam Gu and Mu Xingyu’s blood boiled when they heard this.

With a twisted face, Mu Xingyu said viciously, “How can you be so shameless, Mu Siyin? Look at all this evidence! Just admit it! You’ve been cheating with this Casanova all this while!”

Mu Siyin snickered. “All this while? Did you see it? Where’s the evidence?”


“Unfortunately for you, I’m not one of those who likes to sneak around other’s backs!”

“Mu Siyin! What gave you the audacity to say that you started dating yesterday? Show us proof!” Madam Gu was so mad that her head spun. She thought she had the upper hand since she had incriminating evidence of Mu Siyin’s infidelity. However, she had never expected Mu Siyin to deny them.

Mu Siyin was speechless. “Are all of you retarded? If I say that we dated yesterday, then we did! It’s up to you to believe it or not. It’s also up to you if you want to blow this up. I did no wrong. Now, get the hell out of my room, and stop bothering me!”

At that moment, all Mu Siyin wanted to do was stuff them in a trash bag and throw them into the dumpster.

Mu Xingyu was so pissed off!

Why was her reputation at stake if Mu Siyin had cheated too?

It was not fair!

“Fine! Just you wait, Mu Siyin! I’ll post this online to show the world what kind of person you are.”

Mu Xingyu then snatched Gu Yiling’s phone over to upload the pictures.

Mu Siyin looked at her calmly and smiled. “Go ahead. I was still contemplating on how to announce our relationship, so thank you for your he

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