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When Mu Siyin mentioned Lu Jingchen’s name, a slight frown automatically appeared on Shi Beiyu’s face. “Why did he invite you for lunch?”

Mu Siyin regarded him innocently. “Nothing, he only asked me out for lunch.”

The moment she finished her sentence, Lu Jingchen’s anxious voice could be heard from the phone that she had dropped earlier. “Yinyin? Can you hear me? President Zhang and I are here. Where are you?”

Observing Shi Beiyu’s darkening expression, Mu Siyin’s lips twitched frantically. She had just blatantly contradicted herself!

She smiled sheepishly at the gloomy Shi Beiyu as she quickly picked her phone and answered Lu Jingchen, “You may eat first, cuz. Don’t wait for me.”

Then, she ended the call, leaving a confused Lu Jingchen behind.

Shi Beiyu narrowed his amber eyes and scrutinized Mu Siyin. She had guilt written all over her face. He said softly, “President Zhang?”

Mu Siyin waved a hand and defended herself. “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know him. It was my cousin who invited me here.”

If Lu Jingchen heard this, he would have spewed a mouthful of blood and dropped dead.

Why was he always the one to take the fall?


Shi Beiyu was no fool. He could tell from Mu Siyin’s expression that she was lying.

“Why did he invite you here then?” Shi Beiyu moved in closer. In a split second, his handsome face was almost touching Mu Siyin’s.

Mu Siyin blinked and smiled nervously. “I’m here to…”

“Have lunch?” Shi Beiyu raised his eyebrows. His expression told Mu Siyin that she would be a moron if she nodded.

Mu Siyin felt troubled. With a frown, she gently pushed him away. “Actually, it’s nothing. He’s just going to introduce an investor for Mu Corporation…”

Shi Beiyu narrowed his eyes and replied, “What for?”

Mu Siyin regarded Shi Beiyu with a puzzled expression. “What for? To invest in Mu Corporation, of course.”

Shi Beiyu frowned in consternation, and he sounded displeased. “Why are you doing this?”

Mu Siyin was at a loss for words, so she simply muttered, “Uncle, why are you asking so many questions?”

The word “uncle” put a huge scowl on Shi Beiyu’s face.

Yan Ze, who was sitting on the driver’s seat, struggled to stifle a laugh!

God, this young lady called their young master an “uncle”!

Nonetheless, with their young master’s age, he could be her uncle…


Mu Siyin could tell that Shi Beiyu was upset, but she assumed that he was angry because she did not tell him about her plan.

Thus, she pulled at his shirt and looked at him with puppy eyes. “Seriously, I’m here to discuss a partnership. I’ll look for you once I’m done, okay?”

Shi Beiyu insisted. “Have lunch with me.”

Mu Siyin widened her eyes and forced a grin. “How about dinner?”

Shi Beiyu returned a smug look. “Lunch.”

Mu Siyin wanted to cry. Why was this young master so hard to handle?

“Ze, drive.”

Shi Beiyu gave the order and Yan Ze drove away from Royale Hotel.

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