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Shi Beiyu’s kiss made Mu Siyin so dizzy that she regretted being the one to kiss him first.

While she pondered whether to push him away, she heard a call from the door. Instantly, she pushed him away without hesitation.

Yan Ze, who was standing by the door, then saw Shi Beiyu’s scowl. So, he chuckled sheepishly. “Young Master, the materials are ready.”

Mu Siyin was so embarrassed!

She shoved Shi Beiyu aside and got down from the table swiftly, sitting herself down on the chair.

Shi Beiyu let out an irritated “mm” and walked towards the other end of the dining table.

Yan Ze heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, his young master did not say anything about plucking his eyeballs out.

After lunch, Shi Beiyu displayed the materials that Yan Ze had gathered.

Watching the slideshow of disgusting photos on the screen, Mu Siyin could not help but clench her fists tightly.

She was neither sad nor heartbroken. All she felt was hatred.

She hated how stupid she was in her past life!

Shi Beiyu had an inscrutable expression, for he was agitated that he did not know what Mu Siyin was thinking.

“Are you sure you aren’t going to publicize these photos?”

Mu Siyin eyed him and flashed him a sly smile. “Mm, I want to toy them with these photos.”

Since Mu Siyin insisted, Shi Beiyu decided not to say anything else. He nodded. “Alright, as you wish, but break that engagement off as soon as possible!”

When he recalled that Mu Siyin was still labeled as Gu Yifan’s fiancé, he felt upset.

Mu Siyin smiled. “Hang on tight, I’ll break it off soon.”

At 2:00 pm, Gu Yifan held the press conference at a well-known hotel in the capital city, and all media outlets, no matter big or small, attended it.

It also caused a sensation on the internet. The reporters wanted to witness Gu Yifan’s response!

Despite her reluctance, Mu Xingyu had no other option but to find a man for backup.

The reports were astonished to see Mu Xingyu being held by another man publicly!

For one moment, they could not fathom what was going on!

Donning a striped, royal blue suit, Gu Yifan addressed the crowd, “First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for coming here.

“Following that, I wish to clarify that Miss Mu Xingyu and I are just friends. What happened yesterday morning was purely a misunderstanding. The man beside Miss Mu Xingyu right now is her boyfriend.

“If anybody has any questions, please ask away and we’ll be sure to answer them accordingly.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a male reporter at the front row stood up and inquired, “Young Master Mu, if your relationship with Miss Mu Xingyu is platonic, why isn’t Miss Mu Siyin present today?”


“She’s in a bad mood because of yesterday’s incident, so she doesn’t want to present herself to the media.”

“Young Master Mu, I was present yesterday and I clearly heard Miss Mu Siyin accused you of having an affair with Miss Mu Xingyu. And after Miss Mu

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