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Mu Heyuan remained silent with his face sunken, whereas Old Madam Mu scoffed. “When that time comes, she’s not the one with the final say!”

Li Tongzhi was somewhat relieved when the old madam said that. She praised, “You’re right, Mom. You’re the wisest!”

Old Madam Mu briefly acknowledged her before she got up from the sofa with a sigh. “It’s getting late, let’s all go to bed.”

“Ok, Mom, you get some rest, too.”


Mu Xingyu watched on, and her eyes were red with fury!

‘Mu Siyin! I won’t forget about this!’

The next morning, Lu Jingchen had already headed off to his company. Mu Siyin must have been really tired last night, for it was already 10:00 am by the time she woke up.

She stretched her arms and saw the golden rays of light that had spilled from the windows onto the floor. Instinctively, her lips curled into a wide smile. Before she went blind, she never realized how lucky she was to be able to see the many colors of the world.

Only after she had washed up and got something to eat, did she feel happy enough to go back to the Mu family residence.

The Mu family was famous in the capital city and the residence was located in an elite neighborhood populated by luxurious villas. It was a beautiful and serene place to live in.

Mu Siyin had just arrived at the gate when she noticed a maid who turned around swiftly and ran towards the house. She seemed as if she was anxious to report an incident.

At once, Mu Siyin frowned skeptically. She paused for two seconds and then rushed towards the house.

When she entered the house, two maids blocked her path. “Second Young Lady, you came…”

Without waiting for them to finish, Mu Siyin brushed through them with a scowl. She could not care less about Old Madam Mu too, who was seated in the living room, and ran up to the second floor.

She made it to the entrance to her room and saw Li Tongzhi, Mu Xingyu, and two maids trying to flee from the room with guilty expressions on their faces. What laid behind them was a complete mess!

Mu Siyin narrowed her eyes and cried out angrily, “Who told you to touch my belongings?!”

Her loud voice made the two maids tremble in fear.

Li Tongzhi and Mu Xingyu did not look pleased either. They did not expect Mu Siyin to return so suddenly.

“Why are you so loud? They were just helping to clean your room and take out the trash. Do you have to overreact?”

Li Tongzhi played it cool and snorted with her arms crossed.

Mu Siyin chuckled sarcastically. “Clean my room? Tell me, Auntie Li, what were you and your dear daughter doing? Were you helping the maids to clean my room as well?”

Li Tongzhi and Mu Xingyu were taken aback.

Mu Siyin continued, “I didn’t think you were so kind, Auntie Li. But are you helping to clean my room or wreck it? Look at what you’ve done to my bookshelf! Those who don’t know would assume that a burglar has entered my room!”

Li Tongzhi felt guilty, but she was just

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