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Mu Siyin’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the familiar name on the screen. It was as if she saw her past life through it.

Ji Yang, who was a policewoman, was her best friend since childhood.

Unfortunately, in her past life, Ji Yang went out on an assignment a month later and died after trying to save a hostage.

So right now, it felt surreal to receive her phone call.

The phone stopped ringing. Only when it started to ring again did Mu Siyin regain her senses and quickly accepted the call…

“What’re you doing, Yinyin?! I just came out of the wilderness and called you as soon as my phone had a signal. And how did you react? You’re a slowcoach!”

Ji Yang babbled on unhappily on the other end of the phone.

Mu Siyin had not heard her voice for so long that she sensed an urge to cry. She chuckled softly. “Say, you’re still a cadet. You ought to look after your image and don’t babble so much. Your leader might think that you’re not serious.”

Ji Yang snorted. “Allow me to make a formal announcement. After a month of grueling drills and combat training, I have been officially promoted as an investigator in the capital city’s third major police division. I’ll let you in on a secret too. I’m the only woman who has successfully made it into the major police division! Do you admire me?”

Mu Siyin was not sure whether she should feel happy or worried.

She did make it into one of the three major police divisions.

“Congratulations, your dream has finally come true. You’ve become a great policewoman as you’ve always wanted.”

Upon noticing how indifferent Mu Siyin sounded, Ji Yang felt annoyed. “What kind of response is this? You sound unconcerned. Can’t you be happy for me now that my dream has come true? You’re behaving as if someone has died!”

Mu Siyin returned a brief acknowledgment and realized how depressed she seemed. So, she smiled and said, “I’m overjoyed, aren’t I? When can you return to the capital? I miss you so much…”

“That’s more like it! I’m coming back tomorrow night, and I’m waiting for you to treat me to dinner. It’s time for the assembly, can’t talk now. Bye!”

Ji Yang was in a hurry. As soon as she said she was leaving, she ended the call before Mu Siyin could say another word.

Mu Siyin sighed. The line was already busy.

She could not help but let out a sigh and frowned.

Once Yangyang was back, she had to stop her from taking up that assignment a month later.

As she contemplated, the phone rang again. She looked down and saw that the call was from Gu Yifan.

Her face scrunched into a scowl immediately.

What a shameless man!

She had plenty of evidence in her hands, yet he had the audacity to try to reconcile with her.

At the thought of this, she answered the call…

Gu Yifan’s excited voice could be heard from the other end. “Yinyin, you’ve finally answered my call.”

“Gu Yifan, it’s all over between us. Don’t bother me again, or else, I’ll spread th

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