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During this life, she wasn't exactly allowed to choose her first class. Due to her race passive along with the fact that nanobots followed her, her started class was predetermined.

Now that she was picking her third class, she could choose whatever she wanted and the best one to fit her idea of a cruel creator was healer.

With the class healer, she'll be able to make adjustments to all the healing spells however she wanted. The only question now was hidden classes along with how she should level up. Shiro wasn't sure if this class acted the same way as the standard class, levelling up through EXP or something else.

Hemera said that using the orb would increase the speed but this class was technically level 1.

'Hmm… Perhaps it's that way because I'm already level 1000. Since I have already reached the peak in terms of level, cultivating a new divinity is just me 'levelling up again' which might mean I need Divine Energy instead of EXP.' Shiro thought to herself.

'I can theorise as much as I want but it's still easier to just ask Hemera about it.'

"Let's go to the others now. I got a few questions for Hemera. Depending on her answer, I'll be changing my class to healer. I don't think I need to run the dungeons again but who knows." Shiro smiled as Nan Tian nodded his head.

"She's currently with the others in the food hall. They've stopped eating for now."

"Perfect." Shiro smiled.

Jogging for a moment, Shiro was about to create a portal and leap off the edge when she realised that her portals were linked to her nanotech. Seeing no portal appear, she floated awkwardly for a moment before looking back.

"I suppose we're flying there normally." Nan Tian chuckled as Shiro scratched her cheek.

"Pretty much."

Arriving at the food hall, Shiro could see that Yin had reserved the whole place today. With everyone enjoying the banquet that she cooked, Shiro spotted Yin arm wrestling with Hemera in the middle of the room while the others were cheering.

"Go get her Yin!" Silvia cheered as she had clearly had a few drinks now.

Besides her, Chen Yu was silent but his cheeks were a little rosy, clearly he had his fair share of drinks too.

Of course, not everyone was cheering for Yin since that would be unfair for Hemera. Madison and Helion were encouraging the Goddess while the 7 Ancient Lords were talking to one another about the evolution of alcohol.

"Seems like everyone is having fun." Shiro called out with a smile.

Seeing that it was Shiro, Attie quickly jogged over.

"Are you sure you should be walking around mum? We're you hurt badly?" He asked with concern written all over his face.

"Both you and I know that I'm rather tenacious. Plus, after being stuck on a bed for a few days, I deserve a walk around ok? So what's happening then?" Shiro asked while Attie pulled out two seats for Shiro and Nan Tian.

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