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antrepoo > Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student > Chapter 677 - Was Ye Tianxin Joking?
Chapter 677: Was Ye Tianxin Joking?

Ye Tianxin’s skin was smooth, fair, and radiant through the lens. Her floral gown made her look charming and alluring.

Yan Jun, standing next to Ye Tianxin, also looked extraordinarily handsome. His elegantly tailored tuxedo made him seem even taller.

A reporter kindly called out to Ye Tianxin. “Tianxin, look over here.”

Before “Red Cherry” was released, people weren’t very optimistic about how it would turn out.

Although the director was internationally famous… the plot was tragic and the actors were newcomers. This might’ve jeopardized the reputability that Director Jin had accumulated over time, and even ruin his high standards.

However, after the movie was released, Ye Tianxin used her acting skills to win over the film critics and media reporters.

“Tianxin, you didn’t participate in the roadshow later on. Was it because there was a crazy man who poured sulfuric acid last time?”

Ye Tianxin took the microphone and said in a sweet and crisp voice, “No, I had something personal to deal with.”

“Tianxin, you are on a roll! What do you plan to do from here? Can you tell us about the new movie you are currently in?”

“I have nothing planned right now. I am still a student, so my main task now is to learn.”

The media was shocked.

Ye Tianxin is very popular now.

The ending song she sang was at the top of the charts of major music stations.

What’s more, the box office performance of “Red Cherry” alone was enough for her to get invitations from other directors to star in their movies.

“Don’t you think it’s a waste of talent? Ye Tianxin, you should know that the trends in the entertainment industry change quickly.”

“I know, but “Red Cherry” will be both the first and last film I star in.”

The reporters all whispered amongst each other.

It was rather pitiful that she was willing to throw away her acting talent. Very few actors in the entertainment industry were blessed with such good luck.

“Ye Tianxin, will you consider entering the entertainment industry again after graduating from university?”

Ye Tianxin replied directly, “No. after graduating from university, I will work hard to be admitted into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

When the words “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” came out, the media acted as if they dug up the most recent information.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a lofty department; of course, they wouldn’t allow just anyone to work for them.

Ye Tianxin was no ordinary person!

Ye Tianxin got the highest score among her peers on the college entrance examination.

It seemed as if everything impossible would become possible with Ye Tianxin.

“I heard that your dream is to become a diplomat? Then you will give up your golden opportunity in the entertainment industry to become a diplomat? Won’t you regret it?”

Ye Tianxin smiled lightly and said, “Every little dream deserves to be respected. I know so

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