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antrepoo > Naked Sword Art > Chapter 234 - I Want To Go Too
"If you like, you can sleep here with me."




"Y-you want us to sleep with you?" Bai Fan said with reddened cheeks.

"Mn, there are plenty of rooms here to choose from, so you can pick whatever you like," Xiao Fang said as if he didn't catch the sexual connotation of his earlier words.

Realizing what he meant, Bai Fan started to settle down.

"For a moment there, I thought you meant..." Bai Fan paused.

She didn't want to finish her sentence, but Xiao Fang wasn't done teasing her. He smirked as he said,

"You thought I meant for you to warm my bed? If you would rather share a bed with me, that would also be fine too. I enjoyed our first time together, Bai Fan."

Bai Fan's face turned red once again. Zhao Pan, on the other hand, only coughed twice as she quickly composed herself. With a cool and level head, Zhao Pan finally asked,

"Would you not expect us to split the rent with you?"

"You won't have to worry about paying rent. I own this place. Since this is my guild, I will also offer you an allowance to join it," Xiao Fang added.

Realizing that he wanted them to become a member of his guild, Bai Fan became hesitant. She was worried because she didn't know how her mother would react if she found out that she joined his guild. It was already bad enough that there were rumors going around in the outer court that she had slept with him. If her mother found out, she didn't know what she'd do.

Bai Fan was convinced that she would only be putting Xiao Fang in danger if she joined his guild, but she also really wanted to get closer to him as well. She didn't know what to do.

Zhao Pan, on the other hand, was thinking about joining his guild even before he invited them to stay.

Similar to Xiao Fang, Zhao Pan was given poor offers or flat out rejected for being a body cultivator. Even her adopted family's guild wouldn't even offer her more than a few hundred merit points a month to join. Even if their offer was still better than the rest, she still declined it since she didn't like many of the girls in that guild. She did, however, like Xiao Fang. So, to her, this was also an opportunity to get a little bit closer to him.

"How much of an allowance will you be giving us if we join?" Zhao Pan asked.

Despite her trying to hide her eagerness to join, Xiao Fang could still hear her heartbeat beating like crazy, so he knew that he had already won her over.

"1,000 a month, but it could go as high as 3,000 depending on the guild missions you do."

Although he said it could go up to 3,000, she knew that she would likely only receive the minimum he offered which was 1,000, but even that much was a lot.

"Can you really afford to spend that much?" Zhao Pan asked skeptically.

"I can," he replied simply.

Zhao Pan found it hard to believe. She knew that he had to spend more than 10,000 merit points a month for the guild house because he had other members already in this guild. Stil

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