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"That's because I, Long Wang, am the master of this guild."




In the Nameless guild's public training room, Bai Fan and Zhao Pan were practicing the [ Illusory Clone ] technique under Xiao Fang's guidance.

"Am I doing it right?" Bai Fan asked.

"Not quite," Xiao Fang replied before giving her a hand.

He traced his finger along her arm then pressed on a meridian.

"Try to flow your Qi through here," he instructed her.

Bai Fan did as he said then immediately noticed the difference.

"Ah, it worked!" she said excitedly.

Xiao Fang lightly smiled from her excitement. There were still a few more things she needed to learn before she could try the real thing, but it was still nice to see her getting excited over the progress she made.


To their surprise, Xiao Fang was even better of a teacher than Su Lingxi was. At the rate they were going, they didn't think it would take more than another day to learn the technique. They could hardly contain their excitement.

What Xiao Fang discovered pretty early on was that he could use his [ Spirit Perception ] technique to see where their Qi flows were being restricted as they were training. It took awhile for him to figure out how he could use that information, but once he did, he was able to teach them at a pace that wasn't too different from his own. In a way, this was as much of a learning experience for him as it was for them.




A few hours later, Rong Shi, Su Yun, and Jiang Mei finally came back from work, so Xiao Fang concluded their session saying that his guild members took precedent. He could tell that they were reluctant to stop training after such a productive study session, but they didn't complain since they were already grateful that he took so much time off his day to help them.

"Long Wang, I know it isn't much, but please accept my merit points," Zhao Pan said.

Xiao Fang paused when he saw her holding out her spatial pouch.

"Keep it. I already have more than I need," Xiao Fang replied.

Zhao Pan and Bai Fan were both confused by his words, but before they could ask him about it, he quickly spoke again.

"Do you remember what I said outside of the Bathhouse last week?"


They didn't reply so Xiao Fang reminded them.

"We are the only 3 Outer Court disciples to make it into the Phoenix-Class this year. If we stick together, we'd have a much easier time getting through it, wouldn't you agree?"

Zhao Pan felt him struck her deep with those words. She had been getting picked on all week, so she ended up staying home till the first day of class. During class, when someone called Xiao Fang out, Zhao Pan sat back quietly as he was getting called names, all she could think was that she was lucky it wasn't her. As for Xiao Fang, she assumed that he would've just taken the insults, but instead, he fought back and won. Seeing that he was able to resolve the problem all on his own, Zhao Pan beg

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