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Chapter 19

Translator: Eonnicorn / Editor: Scarlet

Eva Bell Turner Massies, Crown Prince Edward’s former fiancee.

Count Holland was good at concealing his emotion, but this time, his voice was filled with frustration. Edward had always been cautious with every action he made because he knew how dangerous and risky his position was. He didn’t act rashly, he was careful in judgment while also never getting attached to anyone.

Edward never showed interest in women before. He wasn’t rude to the women who approached him, but he wasn’t friendly either. But he approached first and asked if Eva was okay, then massaged her feet. It was something that Count Holland never imagined. To top it off, deliberately looking after someone and kissing the back of that someone’s hand was impossible in the past. No matter how strong their past bond was, he couldn’t fathom the reason why Ruth did that to the woman he had lost that bond with.

“Because I feel bad.”


“Her hands are calloused. That’s why it keeps bothering me.” Edward smiled a little then looked into the emptiness of the dark.

When he rescued her by the river, when he heard her name, he knew right away that it was his ex-fiancee, Eva. She took after Count Massies, besides, those mysterious blue eyes matched his younger self’s memory.

However, the shade of blue he remembered was as clear and bright as the sky, different from the eyes he faced now that looked dim and sad. He felt sorry for her alarmed eyes and shoulders that were shaking hard as she struggled to express her pain in words.

The image of her carrying herself with dignity despite shedding tears pierced his heart like a thorn. And, those hands. Those rough hands from calluses were clearly a sign that her life wasn’t a bed of roses. Seeing them, incomprehensible anger rose inside him and he felt awful that he couldn’t protect her. True, their relationship cut off due to Count Massies’ death and the fall of the Emperor, but at one time, he really thought she was the woman who would be his wife. Although there was no love, it didn’t mean he couldn’t admit it.

“This is not the time for Your Highness to worry about others. If you have to worry about someone’s safety, it’s not about that lady, but you. Tea time or whatever, we’re gonna go right back–”


Before his words were finished, there was a sound of a dry branch breaking. Both men simultaneously turned their heads in the direction of the sound.

* * *

“How are you feeling, nanny?”

Eva asked worriedly, placing her palm on Cecil’s forehead. As soon as dinner was over, she brought food and forced Cecil to eat. At night, her fever slightly rose, so Eva mixed the medicine she had prepared with a fever reducer and urged Cecil to swallow it.

“No need to worry, my lady. I feel much better than yesterday.Cough.”

Lying on the bed, Cecil smiled faintly, trying to ease Eva’s worry. At the same time, she also worried that E

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