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The Sleepless Night of the Maid — Chapter 22

Translator: Eonnicorn / Editor: Scarlet

“S-Sir Ruth…”

Incredibly stunned, her body shook uncontrollably. Only then did Eva realize what he meant by dealing with it.

Todd. The man who left an outrageous mark by the force of grabbing Eva by the wrist.

Ruth noticed it while kissing the back of her hand. There was someone in this residence who disturbed her. One could tell that if it was not the Baronet, then it must be his son. Whichever one of them, his words meant that he would step in and settle it. It was evident that his sentiment was out of good intention, but her heart felt tight.

“N-no. I’m fine so you don’t need to do that.”

Eva quickly moved her mouth, refusing. It felt like the Ruth in front of her wasn’t the one she knew. Only briefly, it was the first time she felt dread by the pressure emitted from him.

“It’s not as good as it used to be in Bale Castle, but it’s also not worse. The Baronet has a poor circumstance, so I’m just helping him. Their family has ups and downs, but they’re not bad people. My coming-of-age is around the corner, so it’ll improve my situation.”

Gibberish. She didn’t even understand what she was talking about. She just thought she had to dismiss the subject so that way Ruth wouldn’t interfere. Because ‘helping’ and ‘taking care of it’ didn’t sound like half-empty words. Just in case of an unimaginable thing, she was mindful of talking about something horrendous.

After she finished talking, Eva drifted her eyes up to Ruth. His face was mellow and as collected as ever while looking at her. As if the pressure was just an illusion, the way he stared was tender.

As Eva got embarrassed for nothing and clammed her mouth tight, a brief smile crept across his feature.

“Is that so? I understand.”

Ruth immediately accepted without digging further, as if he knew inside Eva’s mind.

He turned around again and began to walk. Eva also kept pace with him without saying a word. As her bewildering mind calmed down, she suddenly became suspicious.

“But may I ask why you want to help me?”

He said he didn’t trust people and was not the type of person who showed kindness to just anyone. She couldn’t comprehend why he wanted to express a great deal of kindness to someone he just met. Even if he was the Crown Prince, their relationship was already over and they had no physical or emotional interaction before that.

“I’m not sure. Let’s just say I felt sympathy.”

Ruth averted his face with a vague answer. She waited for the next words to come, but no more answers were given. Moments later, he changed the subject and asked her another question.

“Have you ever visited the Bale Castle ever since you left?”

“No. It’s too far…”

“Don’t you miss it?”


Eva smiled bitterly and hung her head. True it was far, but on the other hand, she didn’t have the courage to go, so she turned away from there. It wa

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