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Chapter 20

Translator: Eonnicorn / Editor: Scarlet

Eva’s voice turned cold. It wasn’t because she was asked to run errands, but because Pamela didn’t ask about Cecil’s condition. Cecil was the teacher who taught her manners, couldn’t she show more care and attentiveness? Moreover, she didn’t even stop by Cecil’s room because she was afraid of catching the cold.

“Yes. Go and send in Lord Holland while holding out Sir Ruth. That’s what I ordered you, remember?”

“And I don’t want to. You’re on your own.”

“You promised me, so why are you suddenly like this, Eva?”

“I didn’t promise. You’re the only one who decided it.”

Eva nudged Pamela by the shoulder and passed by her. She didn’t want to get involved with this mother and daughter duo anymore. She was already fed up at dinner, and most of all, she didn’t want to accompany Ruth, then lead him to enter Pamela’s room.

“I’ll make sure to take Cecil to a hospital tomorrow.”


Eva halted in her tracks as she passed by Pamela. Whirling back, she demanded confirmation with suspicious eyes.

“I’ll talk with my father tomorrow about taking Cecil to a big hospital. You know I keep my word, right?”

It was an irresistible temptation. Pamela’s promise changed depending on her mood, but once she made up her mind, she would fulfill it. She was the queen of this family because the hope of the Baronet family depended on her. Neither the Baronet nor his wife ever refused Pamela’s requests.

“…I can’t bring him to your room. But I can try holding him.”

How can she refuse an offer to take Cecil to a hospital? Without hesitation, she acceded to Pamela’s proposal.

* * *

Lights from the residence shone out from the building. The moonlight was also bright, making her not afraid of the outside. However, there were no signs of Count Holland and Ruth, who had gone to have a talk. Not even Rossy, the maid who went looking for them, seemed present.

Where did they go?

Eva followed along the path for the time being as the land wasn’t as large as Bale Castle. After a short walk, Eva saw the figure of a woman leaning her body against a cone-like garden tree. One of her ears pressed on one side of a tiny gap, looking as if she was eavesdropping on someone.


Eva squinted her eyes as she called the maid’s name. Startled, Rossy scurried to her

“M-My lady.” With tottering steps, she took Eva’s arm. The light that streamed down her face, which was as white as a ghost, confirmed her identity.

What in the world did she hear back there?

“What’s the matter? What’s in there?”

“Well, Sir Ruth, Oh wait, Sir Ruth is not Sir Ruth…”

“What? What are you rambling on about? Tell me so I can understand.”

Eva shook Rossy by shoulders to wake her up from her babbling state. At that point, Rossy’s pupils, that had been flickering vehemently, returned to normal. Shaking her head to snap herself out of it, she stood upright and bowed her head.

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