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Chapter 3

Translator: Eonnicorn / Editor: Vy

She was well aware that she shouldn’t throw a tantrum like this, but it didn’t matter anymore. It felt like her heart was being ripped apart just by thinking of being separated from her nanny. She couldn’t help but think that riding the carriage would be as scary as going to hell.

“My lady…”

Cecil, choked with sobs, tried to console Eva. In the end, she could only hold her, unable to withhold the overwhelmed feeling. Then, a question arose: Why doesn’t she want to take in this wonderful child she’s raised in her arms? Since Cecil wasn’t her relative, it was against the law to take in Eva before she became an adult.

For someone who was always praying, she detested God in that moment, wondering how such a young and bright child like her would endure this storm.

This won’t do.

‘I can’t let this child go alone even if I die.’

“Sir Biti, please take me with you too.”


The baronet frowned at Cecil’s unexpected request. Those standing next to them looked at Cecil with astonishment. But most surprisingly, Eva tightened her grip on Cecil.

“She’s still young, so I have to be there with her. I beg of you, Sir Biti.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. As I’ve said before, I’m not in a good place because I didn’t get paid. I can’t afford to feed two more people.”

He held his head high while refusing her request. Although what he said was true, his dislike towards Cecil also influenced his decision. She was a woman who had her nose in the air and used to gaze down on him whenever he visited the mansion. The thought of her doing that to him, who was once a commoner, just because she was the daughter of a fallen aristocrat, put him into a foul mood.

“I’ll work as a maid without payment. I’ll also be Lady Pamela’s etiquette teacher.”


Not trusting his ears to have heard her properly, he confirmed it again with a surprised face.‘Etiquette teacher!’He was rejoiced by his great fortune but forced himself to keep calm. Aristocrats were born with manners and etiquette like it was their second nature. It’s quite subtle and complicated, creating a fine line between ordinary people and aristocrats. No matter how hard the middle class tried to get into their world, the difference would be too obvious.

Notably, it was very difficult for Baronet Biti and his family to have an aristocratic attitude. He has called in a few etiquette teachers, but their level was always limited. Teachers in the capital often refused his offer because his family was insignificant or asked for a much higher payment than he could afford. Thus, Cecil’s proposal, a noble-born and a nanny to a prestigious family, was too tempting to refuse. This was especially true for the baronet, who was determined to marry off his son and daughter to aristocratic families.

“Well, if that’s what you wish for,” Baronet Biti said, pretending to yield to her proposition as if she had won their

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