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Chapter 6

Translator: Eonnicorn / Editor: Vy


“I’m going to steal his heart and get married. Then, I can get out from this cursed Crocs Field and go to the capital. I’ll make my social debut there and have a lavish life at all costs.”

“Pam, you…!”

Too stunned by the idea, Eva’s eyes widened. She thought Pamela had come here out of curiosity because they were nobles from the capital. Never did she imagine Pamela was planning all of this.

Now that she recalled, the count was the ideal type Pamela was looking for. A relative of the Emperor and the young heir of the renowned Holland family. His wealth, fame, and power would be very attractive to Pamela, who dreams of climbing the social ladder. Above all, Pamela says he’s single and doesn’t have a marriage partner yet.

‘So that was it. This was why Pamela was the only one happy in the residence, despite the unsettling atmosphere due to the baronet often staying out overnight lately.’

“Mark my words, Eva. I’m going to marry the count somehow and become an upper noble. If I become the owner of Bale Castle, I’ll take you with me.”


Perhaps because of a great deal of excitement, Pamela revealed her desire frankly. Her chin lifted up high as if she had already become the head of Bale Castle.

Such an absurd idea, however, had a high chance of working. She was the most beautiful in Crocs Field and knows how to win men’s hearts and sway them. If Pamela puts her heart into seducing him, he’ll surely be faltered, unless the count was created from rock.

“The problem is how to get their attention. How can I approach them naturally without raising suspicion?”

Biting her lower lip, Pamela felt seriously agonized. On the other hand, the count and his friend stood up, still engaged in their conversation. The moment Pamela and Eva rose, intending to leave, both two men took off their shirts and jumped into the water.

“Oh, dear. Eva, look at that.”

Pamela squealed as she tapped Eva on the shoulder. Eva, like Pamela, was taken aback at the scene. It was the first time she saw a man’s bare body, and the brown-haired man’s body exceeded her expectations.

It was exquisite, a deep valley forged in between his firm chests and the outlines of the abdomen which were sculptured like gravel, delicately exposed, as the trail of veins stuck out on the muscles on his arm. What caught her eyes even more, were the scars and wounds all over his body. Besides knights and soldiers, those kinds of scars can only be obtained by the gladiators who fight professionally at the arena.

Was there a purpose for mixing beauty and roughness together? How did the aristocrat who would, more or less, only engage in parties and social gatherings get those scars?

As the sun grew intense, its light hit the poplar leaves and fell into the river. The two swam and joked around with laughter, basking in the sunlight.

Pamela, after looking at them briefly, grabbed Eva’s

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