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With Van's every step, with every whistle that rang and drummed through the air, another wound or scratch builds on his face. He had to summon his shield in order to mitigate the wind that threatening to pull his skin off as he ran through the depths of Muspelheim.

With pretty much destroying the city, the scorching heat of the outside, as well as the confines of the underground, had already merged, raising up the temperature even further as the lavas that spewed from the ground elevated the searing air.

And perhaps, because of that, Van could feel a sort of sting with his every step, accompanied by the scratches of varying sizes that appeared on his skin. However, he did not even seem to mind as he continued to ram through the fire giants.

But unlike the previous times, the giants weren't being blown to bits or turning into mists of blood and guts. No, this time, with Aegis by his hand as well as the speed he was going, he was only creating holes on the giants' torsos, almost a perfect circle in the shape of his shield.

Clean, with not even a drop of blood dripping from it.

"H… hmm."

Vanya, who was put into sleep by Dionysus's most potent tranquilizer, slowly stood up as the high-pitched whistles woke her up. She could not help but quickly cover her ears, but not because of the gnawing whistle that seemed to have surrounded the whole realm.

Perhaps in Muspelheim, she was the only one that was able to hear it-- a cry. Muspelheim was crying. Its charred roots, which were at its depths, were trembling. They were feeling a sort of fear that was enough for them to even move through the fiery lava that hid in most of the realm.

And this fear, Vanya was able to feel all of it. Even the rocks, and the smallest of creatures that lived in Muspelheim, fearing a single entity-- her father.

"S… stop," Vanya muttered. However, only a whisper escaped from her mouth. The fear of the realm was already enough for her legs to give out. And confronting the very same entity that the whole realm is afraid of?

Vanya could only watch as his father continued to kill the fire giants that were already running away. No, it wasn't only the fire giants-- his path no longer finds them. His path was now that of destruction, mowing down the surface of Muspelheim itself.

"I'm still killing more!"

Even from afar, Vanya could hear another one that seemed to be hellbent on creating chaos, Gerald. And unlike her father, who was ramming down boulders and killing everything that might have lived in it, Gerald was smashing the ground.


Perhaps because the spirits of the Realm were too focused on her father, they were completely ignoring another dangerous entity, and in this situation, even more dangerous to the Realm than her father who was only randomly running around.

Gerald… Gerald was drilling through Muspelheim.

"Hahaha!" Gerald cackled as he continued to drill through the ground; and with the

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