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antrepoo > Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won\'t Stop Approaching Me!? > Chapter 17
…By the way, the current situation was like this in the eyes of the other students.

After school, Francesca was enjoying a tea party with her best friend, Tricia, out on the terrace. There were homemade herbal cookies on the table. If an acquaintance happened to pa.s.s by, she would generously share with them, it was quite the friendly atmosphere.

The one who ruined it was the transfer student, Angelina. Jealous of the relations.h.i.+p between Francesca and Leonhart, she incited the boys to follow her, and verbally abused her.

With this incident happening within an aristocratic school, Angelina's bad reputation would be decisive in her social standing in the world.

Disagreeable, high-handed, and stubborn, she was convinced that she was the centre of the world and would never reflect on her actions, it was like watching the typical villainous daughter who came from stories.

—Villainous daughter, Angelina.

With gazes filled with contempt, she would now be referred to as that.

"I'm the heroine, and you're the villain right!? Why is it not following the original, agh!"

Angelina heated up at her own words, her hair was disheveled as she yelled at Francesca. At that hysteric figure, scornful laughter began to grow, but Angelina herself was unaware.

—A male student quietly muttered. "Which one's the villain?"

—The other students murmured out an answer. "Can't you see that it's Angelina."

—Also, another male student muttered. "Francesca-san, it's like she's speaking to a child."

—And next to him a female student muttered. "Good luck, Francesca-san. Don't lose to that sort of insane woman."

The atmosphere of the place was obviously leaning towards Francesca. To the students it looked like "the Heroine Francesca was confronting the Villainess Angelina", with that thinking, they supported Francesca in their hearts.

"Angelina-san, please calm down. We can speak about this with composure."

"Shut up! I'm not concerned about my dignity!"

The angered Angelina, no longer had any self-control. Furiously raising her right hand. Pachi~n, an explosive sound rang out. Angelina's right hand hit the cheek.

…But it was not Francesca's cheek.


"Sorry Francesca. It seems I got in the way."

When Tricia saw Francesca's situation unfolding in front of her eyes, she forced herself between the two, getting slapped by Angelina as a subst.i.tute. Lightly stroking her red cheek, Tricia turned towards Angelina.

"Angelina-san, I don't know what to be more irritated by, for a lady to come to the conclusion of violence."

"Hah!? A mob-chara's actually preaching to me?"


Tricia was astonished and sighed. Her left hand played with stray curl of hair in front of her forehead, taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and opened them. Then, the usual cheerful and caring girl looked entirely unimaginable, it was like she was looking at a bug. Tricia was quite tall for a

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