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antrepoo > Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won\'t Stop Approaching Me!? > Chapter 5
Francesca's heart wavered.

What should I do? If Leonhart treats me gently like this, I won't be able to leave him.

"Well, Leon."

I was aware of my mouth opening. I had to say something.

Francesca was already at her limit.

This visit of Leonhart's would be the last. Francesca was afraid of getting hurt later, so she would destroy her relations.h.i.+p with Leonhart by herself. But truthfully, she still liked Leonhart, to the point where it's unbearable… to be cold to him, it made Francesca's heart ache.

Honestly, I want to tell someone. I know I can't handle it alone. But how would you explain that the world is actually an Otome game?

I'm not smart enough to communicate it well. Even if someone were to understand, their answer could be expected anyways.

—Games are games, it's only a story.

—Reality isn't necessarily set in stone.

—Why won't you try changing the future?

These responses are normal. Even the net novel I read in my previous life, about someone being reincarnated into the game's rival character, was also like that. They made an effort to change the future since an early age, and unknowingly became well-liked among the capture targets, a reverse harem filled with happiness… like that.

But, it's hard mode in reality. The world is frighteningly stable. When I was young, I knew I was extremely cruel[1].

Effort won't always bear fruit. Doing your best will not guarantee a reward.

It's unexpected, something like love at first sight. This predestined event is surely engraved in fate. I can't change it, even if I worked hard.

Leonhart will fall in love with the heroine. Whether the heroine is tied with the other targets or not, "to prove your love to her" you understood that it was best to tear up your engagement with me.

The most I can do is brace my heart, so I won't get hurt. Whatever I do to change the future would be in vain.

I know that. But even so.

"I, too… um, also like Leon, you know?"

Francesca told him her feelings. As soon as she said it, it was like the thing in her chest that was holding her back burst open. Her heart no longer muddled, like a broken dam, the emotions she restrained became a torrent and overflowed.

"I like. I like you. I want to be with you forever. I want to stay next to you. Please, don't throw me away. Don't hate me… Don't leave me."

The back of her eyes were getting hotter. Tears were spilling before she realized. Burying her face into Leonhart's chest, she could feel his strong muscles through his clothing.

…As a child, Leon was as delicate as a girl, but before she knew it, he had grown into a proper man.

Francesca wrapped her arms around him and clung to Leonhart. She kept crying as if she had returned to the time when they were children, and then he stroked her head.

"There's no reason to abandon you, Fran."

Leonhart whispered into Francesca's ear. The low and masculine voice, made Francesca's eardrum tre

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