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antrepoo > Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won\'t Stop Approaching Me!? > Chapter 3
"Let's continue from where we left off yesterday, Fran."

Tonight, Leonhart came.

Francesca was living in the dorms with the rest of the girls. It was already late at night. Curfew had pa.s.sed, and to begin with, boys weren't even allowed to step foot inside of the girls' dormitory. Regardless of whether they were royalty, these rules weren't allowed to be broken.

But there were still many loopholes. Boys would sneak into the girls' dormitory constantly, and enjoy a secret date with their lover no matter the consequences.

Leonhart was also one of them. He took advantage of the easy-to-climb walls and opened the window to Francesca's room, slipping inside.


Francesca was sitting on the bed, getting ready to sleep. Her fiancé suddenly visited. As she was puzzled and confused, he pushed her down on to the bed.

Leonhart's eyes, which she thought had a hint of remorse, had been coming closer, before she knew it, his lips had descended on hers.


It was a greedy kiss. Leonhart's tongue attacked with full force, taking her breath away. It wrestled with Francesca's tongue, pressed it down, and rubbed the ceiling of her mouth. It was the same violent kiss from yesterday.


Her back trembled and a sweet pleasure spread throughout her body. The heat became more intense, she felt like her waist was melting.

"Fran is so cute… truly, your cries sound so nice."

Their lips separated. Leonhart narrowed his eyes down on to Francesca. His expression was fierce, like a carnivorous beast cornering its prey, with a s.a.d.i.s.tic trace to it.

Francesca gulped in air. I wonder what will happen after this.

She felt the points on both of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s growing stiffer. An uncomfortable feeling came from between her legs, she rubbed her thighs together.

"Are you afraid? It's going to be fine, I'll be gentle with you."

Leonhart chuckles, then brings his smiling face forward. He kisses her again. But his lips quickly move away, and Leonhart buries his face into Francesca's neck. His soft lips touched her right clavicle. His wet tongue licked at Francesca's neck.


His tongue heads towards her ear, tracing Francesca's weak point. The tickling feeling that was on her neck was now at her ears.

His teeth bit her earlobe. With only that, Francesca's body jumps.


"Do you like being bitten?… Alright. Then I'll do it more."

Leonhart's teeth gently grazed Francesca's ear. He bit, tugged, and fondled with the tip of his tongue. Each time gave her a burst of pleasure and a moan escapes from Francesca.

"A… Ya~n!"

It was like being tormented by a beast. While there was a little fear, the excitement was overwhelming.

…Why does this painful feeling make me feel good?

As soon as she realized, embarra.s.sment flared up inside of her—her body heated up.

"Touch me."

These were Leonhart's words. As for where, Francesca could not afford to a

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